Friday, August 29, 2008

Because I know You Did Not Want to Watch it.

Notes from Osoma bin Biden’s speech:

I know some did not want to watch it. I know some can’t. But, thanks to C-span and YouTube, it is possible to study the speech the guy supposedly wrote all by himself. In longhand, we were told. Fed. We were fed this tidbit that he wrote it out longhand. Supposedly, he studied old speeches, and so many phrases are phrases I have heard Republicans say.

Dear Husband Bob, I am not asking you to watch the Osoma?/Obama speech. I am asking you to study it. Pretend you are describing it for a blind person. And I am asking a blind person with good ears to tell me what they heard. You will be astounded at what Scripture he chose to lift. My jaw dropped a couple of times. And if you don’t know Scripture, you’d might think, oh, that sounds familiar, but… The “I wills” are so many in number that he puts satan to shame.

This will be long. I took pages of notes. I have the time. Consider it knowing the enemy. And sadly, he professes to be a Christian. He uses all the right words and catch phrases that, sadly, he may fool a lot of people.

Skim. Take what you like. But, this is an exercise for me in ordering my thoughts, and recording my impressions and keeping my notes. And while I type this---the news is coming on the radio that Senator John McCain has chosen a WOMAN for Vice-President. WOW. And our own Allen Saxe called it. Mark Davis is so excited. Senator John McCain has trumped B.O.

Mark Davis is convinced she will be the first woman president because Senator John McCain is so old. And maybe just a one-term president.

Commercial fisherman. Five children. Eldest in the army being deployed to Iraq. 17, 13, 7 and a downs syndrome infant.

Back to my notes from the most painful, unwatchable speech of arrogance extordinaire…
When you click on C-span, you are immediately directed to YouTube! I kid you not. Whoa. Who thought of that? You are faced with a screen of distractions and comments not all positive. And choices of too many screens when BO gets boring.

BO walks out with such arrogance, condescencion, false humily---and when he says he has “great humility” it just does not compute. Maybe one should not talk about oneself by saying with great humility. If you have to state it, then, uh…it is not believable.

“Let me express my thanks, he says, to the one who traveled the farthest”?? (I am guessing he is going to say his wife, but no, its Hillary!)
And when BO talks about Bill Clinton’s speech of the night before---it comes out as a slap: “Clinton gave a speech of hope as only he can.”

Ah, the love of his life is the next first lady….he must really like Cindy McCain.

Next, BO rewrites his personal history, and then the country’s history. All 232 years. “we meet at a defining moment…out of work, lost homes, credit cards you can’t afford to pay.” Wow---those credit cards are George Bush’s fault ! BO says so. I lost count of bashing Bush comments.

“We are better than these last eight years… and alludes to one in Ohio, and one in Indiana…but he does not give their names as they have sad stories.

Was he having trouble reading his won speech? Prompters? “this country is more desencesnce” what? I re-ran that part three times. What was that word he tripped over??

The stadium looks full. Even the chairs on the grass. The podium stretches out into the field. The blue color is glaring. BO looks tiny.

The last eight … mentioned again.

Eight is enough. They chant it on cue.

McCain’s service is given his words of gratitude and respect. But, we are told the lie that BO believes: “90 percent of the time McCain has voited with George Bush.

His podium is pink. And what is on his lapel?? The teeny-tiniest flag pin??? Not sure. Need a magnifying glass.

BO quotes: “a nation of whiners” but does it without mentioning the name of who he is quoting---- maybe he has trouble remembering people’s names.

Did anyone interview the crowd after the speech? I had trouble understanding his words. I had to back up the cursor, and strain. BO drops his sentences at the end. It is like he is dropping his words in the waste basket.

Did BO’s little daughters ask why is Daddy so angry??? They look concerned. They are the only little children in the whole crowd.

“I don’t think McCain doesn’t care, he just doesn’t know..”

This phrase tells me McCain is ignorant, and ignorance can be fixed. That is a line McCain can run with in ads.

BO says, “McCain doesn’t get it.” “Republican mentality… are on your own…” it is so nice of BO to tell us what Republicans think, isn’t it?

“It is time for THEM to own their failure.” Sounds like a threat. Is BO threatening to imprison ? impeach? Look for a scapegoat?

BO mentions the 23 million new jobs when Bill Clinton was president. McCain can use that line in an ad, and correct BO’s ignorance.

BO mentions a grandfather that served under Patton, a mom who used food stamps, and with those food stamps was able to send O to the best schools, and with scholarships…

South side of Chicago is mentioned. Grandmother taught me about hard work, the typical grandmother?

In the shots of the podium, the too blue podium, BO stands in a circle of dots, and lights cast a long shadow stretching halfway back down his personal ramp. Another circle of lights surround the bottom steps, so it appears that BO is aloof, separate, untouchable, tiny, tee-tiny behind his NOT square podium of orange-red framed in pink. The teleprompters are invisible except the shadow catches the far left or right ones, I am guessing.
“promise…freedom…dignity.” Words I have heard Republicans say for years, so did BO look at Republican speeches, too??

“Government cannot solve all our problems but it should do what we can’t do for ourselves.” “obligations”

We have obligations?? Duties? Tell that to a sullen teenager slumped in his desk at Lamar High School.

“The market should reward drunk? (he stumbled, meant) drive..”

“Government should help us, not hurt us.”
“the promise…we are responsible”

And then he turns the Scripture on its head: “I am my brother’s keeper.”

In the Bible, in the story of Cain and Abel, Cain smart-mouths God with a question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” but, BO uses it as a statement. Wow. Poor choice, there. Is he insane? How about his poor brother in Kenya?

Now BO starts with the “I will”s
“I will” “I will” “I will” and he commands us to “listen now” as if we are unruly little children.

“I will cut taxes for 95 percent of the middle class.
“I will set a clear goal…10 year …no more old from the middle east.

“We will do this..”

“Washington has been…” and “McCain has been there for 26 years…(and how long has Biden been there?)

“Now is the time to … end this (oil) addiction”

I will…I will…I will… “invest 150 billions in new energies…” “Now is not the time..”

“moral obligation” ??? to provide education

“invest in early childhood, hire an army of new teachers.”

Disturbingly, BO equates community service with military service because in his mind, they should both equal the right to pay for a college education

So, the guy picking up trash along the freeway, spending time as if he is on deployment should be paid with the GI bill. Unreal.

“same health care members of congress give themselves.” (a delicious one for McCain’s ads)

“now is the time…” for “sick days, better family leave, for a child or an aging parent.”

The older daughter looks sad or scared.

BO promises to go through the budget line by line---didn’t Reagan do that??

BO calls the crowd: “democrats” not friends. They are just party members. Not friends. And every time BO says McCain, he spits it out, and NEVER uses the word Senator. No titles or respect here.

“Programs can’t replace parents…government can’t turn of a television and make a child do her homework…fathers provide love and guidance to their children.”

“individual responsibility…mutual responsibility…essence of America’s promise. “ BO wants a debate on his temperament for foriengn policy but BO says: “I oppose this war since 911…I argued for more troops for taking out OBL….” (maybe BO should not have put those two lines so close together.)

“McCain says he will follow OBL to the gates of hell…but not to the cave where he lives.” Wow. BO knows which cave? Is BO withholding information on OBL’s whereabouts?

“you don’t defeat terrorists in 80 countries by occupying Iraq.” Bashed Bush again. “Don’t tell me…democrats won’t keep us safe, defend America. “ (okay, I won’t tell you, and there are too many double negatives)

Kennedy and Roosevelt are trotted out as examples of democrats who protected us. Wow. That’s a stretch.

McCain could run with this line in an ad showing how well democrats like Clinton did.

BO promises to rebuild the military to meet future conflicts BUT with diplomacy smooshed in the same sentence. Flag waving. Big and small flags. Chanting.

“These are the policies I will pursue.. I will not allow debate---“ and the sentence is unintelligible. We are told we can’t challenge a person’s patriotism or character.

“I have news for you, John McCain, we all put our country first.” “Cast off worn out ideas…lost….restore our sense of purpose…abortion, reduce pregnancies, hunters, AK-47s. “ Wow, I did not know hunters used AK-47s.

Wow, I did not know gay and lesbian brothers have been turned away at hospitals visits.

“happy talk” (reminds me of the musical, South Pacific”
“Trojan horse” “stale tactics to scare voters” “I don’t fit the pedigree” ?? (pedigree---like a dog?)

“This election is about you” (well, lets go back and count the I wills.)

“change happens” “We people insist on new ideas.”

(We the People, might have been a better phrase to use)

Shots of the crowd, people listening, clapping, giving standing ovations.

Then BO lifts Scripture again: “fix our eyes on what is unseen, for around the bend is the promise of an America…) I thought we were suppose to fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

“45 years ago today…to hear a young preacher from Georgia…” (isn’t he going to say his name?? I think BO has a problem with using other people’s names. MLK.)

BO uses a new Scrabble word: inextrippably Once I learn how to spell it.

“America, we cannot turn back…not with so many children to educate…we cannot walk alone…we must pledge to march into the future…and in the words of Scripture, hold firmly without wavering to the hope we confess.”

Again, BO lifts Scripture, and twists it into his catch phrases. To the untrained ear, it sounds like he reads his Bible. BO actually uses the word, Scripture.

“not with” “not with” (too many double negatives, again)

Upbeat COUNTRY music. The Country music song mentions the Promised Land. And in the song is the jaw dropping line about prison to president.) while BO’s family joins him on the stage, and comforts him.

Fireworks spit from the stage pillars. Bidens join. Now magestic Star Wars type music. Podium disappeared, They all stand in the circle of dots. Biden squats. Points. Lovely.

Oboma looks dismissive. Communist. I am sorry, he looks likes he has done his job and wants to leave and get on with it, whatever is next. He gave his speech, not get out. He directs his group to leave. Points to the doors of the fake looking White House. More fireworks from the top of the stadium---no, its bombs. Confetti bombs.

Intense music building. Cue the violins. Oh, a white Biden granddaughter standing next to the daughter of BO.

Cuts off at 50:19. So sad. Mean old C-span.


ShalomSeeker said...

I did watch, and it was just as painful as you recount. The worst, though, was the adoration on the faces of the audience members. Complete, idolatrous adoration. The Scripture references rankled me too.

I heard both Clintons on the previous night, and appreciated grately how they so succintly reminded me why I am not a democrat. That's one good deed, I guess...

Bob said...

"I Will" ... it do have a familiar ring, don't it?