Monday, August 4, 2008

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Quiet House

James drove on to his next leadership school, his next Fort. While he was home I think we went to all his favorite places to eat. And got errands done at the Transportation Regional Office here in town that I did not even know existed. We have lived here thirty years, and driven by this place accessible only by the feeder roads off 360 and I-30, but just assumed it was for the men who make the roads. Who knew you could get your registration or title there?? A sign on the door said they would no longer be bothering with personalized plates. But, those are easy to pick up downtown Fort Worth.

James said it is rumored that they will get to come home on weekends, so he is looking forward to that. We will give the washer a workout, and hopefully, he can bring back stuff he does not need, and pick up items that would be useful as his room at this fort looks mighty small. If moms designed barracks, there would be plenty of places to hang up sweaty exercise clothing to dry before throwing it in the laundry bag. Clothes drying racks or clothes lines. James sent pictures with his cell phone so I can picture the room. It looks like a small dorm room.

There is space under the bed, so if he is allowed to put the bed on cinderblocks, he would have even more space. But, this is only a seven week course, so as long as it is a place to cool off in the over one-hundred degree heat, I doubt they bother doing much decorating nor organizing. It brings back memories of when our boys made their bedrooms into lofts, and our oldest’s dorm room of amazing engineering.

One funny thing happened this weekend. When our youngest saw our personalized license plates he reacted with such shock that he immediately called his oldest brother and said its time to pick out our nursing home, that we, his parents, had lost it. Amazing to know we have come full circle---and the baby of the family is tattling on us.

Salad for supper.

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