Monday, August 18, 2008

More Good Rain

It is Monday afternoon, and we have enjoyed a good soaking rain most of today. Our yard sure needs it. Since it was raining, Ben dropped in for a visit and I convinced him to let me take him to the chiropractor. Gotta seize the day---seize the opportunity when he is willing and able. Come to find out, that step he took through the ceiling on a job not long ago hurt his back. The chiropractor remarked that he has a bulging disk.

And the chiropractor made a special trip in to the office on Saturday to put James back in alignment. We are so thankful. James was feeling better on Sunday before he headed back to Fort Sill. Fort Sill made the news on the radio and blogs with the mold story in the barracks. Yikes.

I changed the sheets on our bed, and am eying James'. And I had a huge load of white clothes, a big load of towels and dark clothing, and the current load of gentle--hang up clothing is in the dryer. I even gave the dryer lint trap a good scrubbing. Using dryer sheets fills the screen holes in the lint trap, and I don't want a dryer fire.

Listening to WBAP from before 5am to 2pm. Dr. Laura got moved to another station and a middle of the night time, so just the sound of birds sqwabbling at the bird feeder until brietbart tv online at 3pm. Mr. and Mrs. Finch had a family, and they have been beak-feeding their striped young on the window sill. Sparrows crowd the feeder and they like to keep a rung free between them. No harmony there. The smaller chickadees are trying to dart in for a seed or two.

Only twelve dishrags knitted, and this box will hold much more. But, I have it lined up ready so that I can see my progress getting a box ready for Suzanne. I found some more cream colored yarn and discovered that soft ecru is much different than plain old ecru even though its the same Canadian company. What do certain colors sing to me? Its the same off white as my wedding dress. Super light yellow, sorta.

Clothes to be folded. Then there is the grocery list...

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