Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Edoaurdo did come by and give us cooler temps. I think he spit on my windshield, too. Hal Jay on the radio said he got a downpour out of Edoaurdo the tropical storm.

Bob taught our Bible Class tonight. It was good. I had notes to myself to remember that we needed to go early and turn on the AC as both pastors are on vacation. I had the salad ready when Bob got home.

Got my haircut. Leann this time. She gave me a "wedge" as I asked the top be left longer to show off my curls. The salon seemed sorta empty. It is usually teeming with busy stations. I am glad I did not get the same gal as last time---that lady sorta frowned on my confessions of whacking on my bangs myself.

I ordered some more bluebonnet cards. What a deal at fifty cents each for shiny blank cards. Now I am ready for any and every occasion. Check out

After locking up, we got ice cream cones at Chick-fill-you-up. "Fabulous" Erin (he called himself) insisted they are really "ice dream" cones. And we swung by Braums for another gallon of fresh yet reasonably priced milk.

When on the phone with James, Bob noticed my haircut. Leann really cut it super short in back. Tomorrow is James' big PT test. They gave him shots and all today, and the PT test is one of the big objectives. He usually aces his PT tests, because he can run fast if the pace is fast. And he is in great shape.

Time for bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow and take Bob to the train, as two of his sisters are coming back from their Africa mission trip tomorrow, and we have been invited to visit with them if they are not too jet lagged.

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Bob said...

At least Edouard didn't wipe your windshield with a greasy rag after he spit on it.