Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tried to Get Errands Run Before It Hits 100 degrees

Found a pretty blouse at the fat lady shop getting more unmentionables.

Hobby Lobby's yarn supply was low. Picked up a few brown skeins.

A few more skeins at Walmart, and some groceries. Wish Griffin could see my frig now, as it is packed. (Eight year old nephew had exclaimed last week that I needed to stock up. I did. I am ready for you now bud---even have the natural cheetos!)

Line wrapped around Chick-fill-you-up, so I drove through McDonalds for a number 13, fish fillet with no cheese, no salt on the fries, and water. They are so friendly about my personalized order since I bragged on them online.

Came home all drippy, sweaty and put groceries away.

Took another bath and I have been feeding the washer and dryer.

Emailing friends, reading blogs, knitting---thankful for the AC and clean, dry clothes. And I am glad I am home to receive James' amazon order, and the books I ordered last week for Meredith's birthday, and for our granddaughter came, too.

Come on Edouaurdo---come on up here with your wind, cooler temps, and rain.


Bob said...

You didn't mention getting to hear the granddaughter's new word -- the word that had us singing in unison "Aaawwwwwwww..."

joyce said...

I did not want to reveal toooo much !