Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Burger King

After watching THIS cute ad online, I was hungry for a whopper and decided to go by our local Burger King. Breitbart TV featured the story, too, and encouraged us to go watch the whole thing. I think you can access it from Brietbart's site, here.

I researched the menu online, because it has been a few years since I have been to a Burger King. I wanted to have an order or idea ready just in case there is a line. When I pulled up to the drive in speaker, I was met with a friendly, "Thank you for choosing Burger King." And a pause. Since this is a statement, and not a question, I waited, thinking, okay, they are there, but are they ready to take my order? A few long seconds later, I heard the lady say, "give your order when you are ready." Another statement. Okay. I ordered a whopper with cheese and an iced coffee. $5.82

I should have had them hold the mayo. And the tomatoes were gross. And the iceberg lettuce was in chunks---fresh, but not like in the picture. The meat was done. But, it is a messy sandwich. Maybe I'll try a junior whopper next time.

After I paid for my food, and after I was handed the sack, I told the clerk that I like the new ad. She had not seen it yet. But, I wanted to give them a heads up that that was why I was here. This Burger King is just down the street from a good McDonalds. I like to support good advertising, especially when the advertising ticks off the libs. But, come on Burger King. Send some folks through the line that don't know the drill. How about saying, "Thank you for choosing Burger King, may I take your order?" or "Thank you for choosing Burger King, can I interest you in a whopper today?" I am no virgin, (the new ad talks about whopper virgins, as in someone who has never had an hamburger) but, why spend so much time and effort on a catchy ad when you have lots of people in the good old USA who have not eaten a whopper in a while? I am glad you removed the irritating plastic king ads. I'll give you one more chance. Bring your own workers up to speed.

And as I practice embedding--will it ever come naturally?? Bob helped me and I wrote out exactly whatall to type.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Now, if only Burger King et all would actually listen to your advice! They do all seem to forget that the customers are why they are in business.

Great post!

joyce said...

Thank you Jamie ! It is funny how the ads make us hungry, and deceive us into thinking they care, and then one visit to the local Burger Doodle reminds us of why we don't visit very often, eh?

Bob said...

You embed nicely.