Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spoke Too Soon--windy again

Wow. The wind bloweth. It bloweth from the south. Cold front acoming, but it may be awhile yet, don't ya know.

And looking at the weather websites---whoa, that looks like a big cold front.

Mystery---why was there a huge limo two doors down last night after 10pm?? I heard them shout, "Goodnight Shirley" and then they drove slowly by. I will have to ask them about their celebrity visit. I bet that limo had fun making the turn onto our street.

Random thought: I sure wish we lost weight through exercise in our dreams---I'd be as thin as a rail. My dreams are SO busy. And I don't dream about eating. Too busy talking, cleaning and doing stuff. My dreams wear me out.

Talk at ya later...

Okay, its later. 9pm is how much later. We went to church. Bob's Sunday School lesson was excellent. Then we went to lunch. Mexican food. Then we went by the Botanical Gardens. Roses were a little past prime, but some still blooming. It got hot, and we got sweaty walking around there. I am sure the temps were close to eighty degrees in the sun. We drove back home, took naps in the chairs after I whooped Bob at Scrabble. Bob has been chuckling and chuckling over his blog post on Christmas lights.

I had Bob heft the huge box of calendars down, and found the ones that will work again next year. Found the 1987 and 1998. Its a walk down memory lane with the 1987 one as I had marked it up about the babies. James started waling at 15 months December 3, 1987. And all the cute statistics on baby Ben born in October 1987.

I have been recycling Christmas cards, too. Turning last years into post cards, and starting a pile of envelopes for folks who do not do email or read blogs.

So, if you keep old calendars, these will work for 2009: 1925, 1931, 1942, 1953, 1959, 1970, 1981, 1987, 1998, 2015 and 2026.

The cold front is here. Whoa. It got real calm, and then I noticed on the weather websites that Mineral Wells is already at 32 degrees. Dalhart, Texas has had dropping temperatures all day. We just closed the north windows. The last two cold fronts came during the day. This one is sneaking in at night. I feel sorry for the folks in Montana, North and South Dakota--temps with a minus sign.

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Bob said...

Shall we share that you've whipped my hiney in four of the last six Scrabble games?