Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who said... Who is speaking?

Dear Bob, to show you I am listening during your good Sunday School lessons--these verses made me think of what you have been teaching. Who said, or can you guess who is really speaking?

"My wound is incurable though I am without transgression...Who gave Him authority over the earth? And Who has laid on Him the whole world?"

and three chapters later: ...from the breath of God ice is made.

The cold front is here. I had to shut the windows and turn on the furnace.

And remember that pile of leaves by the front door? I was going to rake them up, but the wind took them all away.

Love, Joyce


Bob said...

That's gotta be Job. The Book of Job is just chocked full of Messianic references.

joyce said...

You are right. Job 34 Elihu is speaking---but it sounds like Jesus is using Elihu's lips, eh?

joyce said...

Even better---Elihu is quoting Job's whining. God uses whining to praise Him and His Son.

Bob said...

Precisely (though Elihu is quoting Job). Jesus was silent before his accusers, but Job wouldn't shut up about how righteous he was.