Monday, December 8, 2008

Watching Da Puppies

It is Monday night, and we still have the windows open. A cold front is coming sometime tomorrow, but until then, we wait for just a little rain. Maybe. The green rye grass shoots need it. I have the three remaining puppies on a screen. Can they do math? Do they realize three of their siblings have gone to new homes? They sleep touching each other. One has a paw thrown over the puppy snuggling close. Too cute.

I never bothered to get a password and log in but today I wish I had. One of the puppies figured out how to climb on top of the crate, and kept practicing his new skill and his legs kept falling through the spaces. I was so afraid he was going to have a leg fall through just as he leapt off, and break something. Worst case scenerio mom here. Yikes. Sure enough, when the Mrs. got home, her first words were, "have you been a bad boy?" and she lifted the crate out of the play-gated area. So, somebody told on them. I figured someone would.

In the comments, they talk about how each puppy went to a good home. The camera only allows us to see feet. So, we have watched while the new owners come play with the whole bunch, and then wave bye-bye with the puppy's paw before they go. Number three went to a "show home" and I was wondering what in the world that was. Something having to do with how the dogs are raised to show, and that they would be seeing lots of these people at the shows. But how is a "show home" different than a regular home?

And when will the remaining puppies go to their new homes? I think Mr and Mrs. SF (San Francisco) Shiba Inu are keeping the smallest of the litter. The one that used to wear a yellow collar.

I wish our son and his wife had a live cam of the grandchild. Wouldn't that be fun? We could see the grandchild play and dance and bark and all the tricks. Our middle son says he can "see" his girlfriend on the Skypte thingy. So maybe when he is home at Christmas, he can help us see the grandchild. That would be so cool.

Lightning---that is a good sign. Lightning to the south. Time to check the weather websites.

And time to practice my embedding: to see the puppies, go HERE.

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