Tuesday, December 16, 2008


A thin layer of ice coated everything today. And on the car, tiny snowflakes shaped liked tiny straight hairs.

This afternoon, the south facing roof line dripped a little, and the streets and driveway dried. Bob went in to work super early to avoid the rush, and rode the train to avoid the bumper cars that the morning rush hour became.

(Before we even went to bed last night they were talking about closing freeways like I-20 and I-30 and parts of 360.) A thin mist fell on and off today, and Bob says it froze on his windshield coming home.

I mixed up the Tastefully Simple Almond pound cake. Super easy. Just butter and water. In one greased small pyrex bowl, I put a dollop of dough and pressed frozen blueberries into it. It cooked just fine, and tasted great. I wonder how else to experiment with the basic mix. Tomato basil soup for supper. No way was I driving around in this today. Call me a chicken. Why get out and get in a wreck when I don't need to get out? I finally used up that cone of "shades of denim" yarn. Knitted a few hot pads. Talked on the phone with Mary and Suzanne. Also heard from Andy and his wife--the shirts that light up made it. They are having an ice storm up in Ohio now, too. Much worse than us. We will get above freezing tomorrow, and be in the seventies by Friday and Saturday. Folks in Ohio will probably stay cold for much longer.

Hard to watch stories on Breitbart TV today. Punks that abuse the elderly need to be put away for life. And if a salesman tries to sell you a vacuum cleaner one day, he is just casing the place. When he comes back and wants to use your phone, call the police. Do not believe the sad stories.

Bob won at Scrabble tonight: 327 to 234

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Bob said...

Victory! Scrabble vengeance is mine!