Sunday, December 28, 2008


Bob taught the "family class" that is made up of younger adults. (instead of his regular elderly group---many of the family class's folks)

James lunched with Amber at her church. And I could not get Ben to pick up his phone nor respond to text messages, so after church, Bob and I went to Saltgrass for some shish-ka-bobs. Their new sweet potatoes cassarole comes with marshmellows on top, and it is as sweet as pie, so I saved it for dessert. We forgot to get more apple juice at Braum's on the way home, but picked up another gallon of milk, and more ice cream bars. Apple juice is good hot with cinnamon.

I beat Bob by four points in Scrabble, and folded two loads of clothes, and set a few more going. It has been too quiet here this afternoon. Pretty day. And a few more dishrags knitted. I need to chop on my bangs some more.

When we tried to use our cell phones today, Virgin declared we had not topped up. We use them so seldomly, that we had not even noticed it was time to top up. I thought we had another month. Bob has figured out how to do it online. Too ironic, to go online to put more minutes on your phone.

I did get some Christmas letters and cards sent out yesterday. Replies to the cards we got this week. I no longer have a "Normal" aunt. She moved away from Normal, Illinois, and I do not have their new address. Some we said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year via email.

Just three days left of this year, then we practice writing 2009!

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Bob said...

You might point out that your formerly "Normal" aunt used to live in Normal, Illinois (not that I'd argue with your claim that you don't have any "normal" relatives).