Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Bob installed the Christmas lights on the inside of the eaves this year. Today we re-arranged the bulbs to see what sections of blue and green and red and yellow look against the light blue walls of the house. The blue bulbs are old. Almost clear, so they look almost white or green next to the green. Only the dark blue bulbs wash the back wall with discernable blue color. I really like the way the red and yellow bulbs color the house. And we can save the green for St. Patrick's day in March. January can be too dark, so a little more light out front looks good to me. And makes a night light unnecessary for bathroom trips.

We will experiment with bulbs, and have fun painting the house with colored light. And put on a timer, we can have it go off at midnight or dawn.

Bob also weeded another terrace level. And the plymouth was ready to be picked up at 5pm. So, we are a two car family again. His and Her vans. I remarked driving down to the repair shop that I had not driven in two weeks, and maybe I had forgotten how. Bob re-assured me that, oh, no, I had not forgotten, because I had been giving him advice for two weeks. So we kidded the repair shop owner that he is saving our marriage. And he said that a lot of couples can't stand each other's driving. I am not surprised, but then I am glad I am not alone.

Poor James discovered that the hot water heater was not working. He told us about it, and Bob re-lit the pilot light. We have no idea why or how the hot water heater pilot light went out. Strange. The hot water heater is probably eleven years old.

And the sewer needs roto-rooting. Our oak trees give us great shade, but twice a year, the roots get into the sewer lines and clog up things. I noticed during my cold shower that bubbles came back in the overfill. Always something with a house.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

You should take pictures of the house with the various lights!! Sounds really interesting!

As for water heaters - aren't they a pain? My uncle says he replaces his every 10 years, regardless. After ours leaked at our previous house (it was located in the exact center of the house and surrounded by carpet) I can totally see his point.

Here at our new house - our gas water heater is in the garage. Maybe we WON'T replace it until it floods the garage....

joyce said...

Good idea---we need practice with the digital camera, too.