Thursday, December 11, 2008


I made a batch of stuffing at Thanksgiving, and baked it in small pyrex bowls, and froze the single servings and ate the last one today. I want to write down what I remember about making it, in order to replicate it, and make more soon.

First, I made a batch of cornbread. Ingredients: cornmeal, flour, sugar, olive oil

Second, I sauteed chopped celery, onion, whole garlic cloves in olive oil and mixed them with the crumbled up cornbread, and one box of low sodium stove top stuffing. Mrs. Dash, and cans of no fat broth and into the oven in greased bowls. It is a fun way to eat lots of garlic. And if I just use stale bread this time instead of the stuffing mix---that will make it even lower fat.

I wonder what other high fiber foods would make it even better---whole cranberries, apples, pecans. What fun.

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JAMIE'S CREW said...

What a great idea! If you can, stop by my blog and see my 3 Favorite guys!