Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after Christmas

Warm, blustery winds, the southside windchime is as Bob says, "ringing in the New Year". Windows open, 78 degrees inside the house. We may need to turn on the AC ! The garage floor is still cold, and the front step is sweating.

Bob is playing with the digital camera, trying to post a cute blog about one of James' presents from Andy.

Enough turkey and mashed potatoes for leftovers. Yummy leftovers. No need to cook today, just microwave to reheat. A little laundry, and I cut Bob's hair--ran the hair clippers over his head without a guard, type haircut.

I guess that is all our news. Maybe James and Amber will come over later to watch a DVD. They watched White Christmas last night, but Bob and I went on to bed at 9pm. We keep different hours than these young folks.

10pm we have been watching some good DVDs. James has so many, he could start his own blockbuster store. AMAZING GRACE was one we saw in the theaters a few times, but I so enjoy watching the making of, and the history. I just did not know all the players the first few times. And there are so many important characters in history. I wonder if my Grandpa Wilbur was named after Wilburforce because it is not a very common name. We will have to ask his mom and dad someday in heaven who they named him after.

Bob beat me at Scrabble, but we have played almost every day.

And my friend, Nance and I traded braceletts. I had purchased an Avon "Mother" in eleven languages bracelett many, many years ago. Nance liked it so much, she found one on ebay, but hers was too big, and mine too small. I could only wear it on my left arm. So we traded. Mine came today. What fun.


and a few others I cannot recreate with my Qwerty keyboard.

And I forgot to ask if Andy received the extra grandchild-sized 'cackies' in the mail.


Bob said...

I just love the wind was blowing my hair ... all over the back yard.

Brent said...

It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL here today! 53 degrees which is unheard of. The boys and I shoveled the 2' of ice off the driveway, though I'm not sure why as we are supposed to get an ice storm tomorrow. I hope you have a Happy New Year!