Saturday, December 27, 2008

Texas Weather

Warmer in the night---it got warmer in the night. From sixty degrees to seventy-two degrees! A light sprinkle is starting just as we took out the garbage.

Yesterday, we were so tempted to turn on the AC. And last night, we slept with all the windows open. Amazing. We are in the last days of December, and a cold front is coming from the west this time, but surely, we broke record high temps yesterday. And maybe a new record low.

9am the sky turned black with angry clouds rolling in from the west. Rain. Nice soaker. Heavy in spots. Our green grass will love this.

I am now showered and dressed and in my right mind. Temperature inside has dropped from 76 to 74 degrees.

Written later: We watched DVDs with James and Amber. "The Dish" and Brigadoon, and a movie the boys had seen with Bob in the theater, but I had not seen, "Deep Empact" and when Ben was here for a late lunch, he wanted us to turn off the movie and visit. This is so funny for Ben. Out of character---we usually cannot get him to talk. He said he hated this movie for the poor acting. But, is it because of the sacrifice made on behalf of others. I can easily see how in the end times, when the promised something is in the sky, the world is distracted and selfish.

Bob has trouble with the physics in the film.

I got sweaty cooking lunch for everyone, event though the cooking was just reheating the rest of the turkey in the microwave. I cooked a batch of cherry cobbler in the oven. And Ben loved the beer bread biscuits. I let him take home the leftovers ones.


Bob said...

Yup - shore 'nuff. 83 broke the record for December 26th by two degrees. But don't fret -- it'll be snuggly tonight.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Only in Texas can we have this nutty weather!