Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Only in Texas and Femle Stuff====gross out alert

It actually got warmer in the night !!! Fog is in the forecast. But I took the garbage to the street and hauled the recycling bin to the curb, it was hovering at 32 degrees. Now, at 6:30am, it is up to 36 degrees. So, the ice on bridges and overpasses should melt. Rush hour should not be bumper cars. Just wet.

I think tomorrow is the last day Bob works downtown Dallas this year. Whoop.

Coffee is ready. The radio weatherman said it would be in the seventies by Friday.

Sneaking one in----Today is actually Wednesday, Christmas Eve, December 24th And I don't want to bump James and Amber's picture, so I decided to sneak this on in here. I don't think my boys will read down this far.

I am a 52 year old woman and I am dreading my monthly periods as they are SO heavy. Yesterday, I thought I was going to die. It was awful. It scared me. I am not scared of dying, if it is my time. But, what is going on??? And this was another reason we decided not to travel this time of year. It would be so fun to see the grandchild, but they are having severe winter. And I can't imagine bleeding so heavy and traveling, and hotels, and the mess. At home, I have a wonderful washer and dryer. And thankfully, Bob is home on vacation. I woke up in a puddle yesterday morning. Even Bob had a big splotch on his leg. Stained sheets, stained mattress pad. Do women sometimes bleed to death from a super heavy period?? I googled it, but goodness---even the "health" information sites talk about herbal remedies. And who wants to go to doc in a box this time of year?? Not me.

I have to sit on a towel around the house. I have a towel in each chair I use. And I have NO energy for shopping nor cooking. I did make a rum cake yesterday, but that was it, other than lunch. We watched a science fiction movie Bob had seen, but I had not. And I got so chilled just sitting there, I had to put on a coat and scarf in the house. I was shivering. I am taking an iron tablet each day. And B vitamins. And trying to drink plenty of water.

It could be worse. I could be coughing. A cold and cough are no fun when you are intercontinental. I usually catch a cold this time of month, as my immune system must be down.

We have a turkey thawing in the frig. I was needing to make sure I have the bag to cook it in, and buy potatoes for mashing, and stocking stuffers, but whoa---when I can barely move, and cramping, and feeling so cold all the causes you to re-think Christmas prep. What is the least I can do? The guys won't care. Bob is happy on the computer, and James is busy with Amber. Ben drops in, but this is a lean time in the solar panel roof business, and things are grim for him right now. He is lonely, and too quiet.

Pray for Bob. He has SUCH patience, and longsuffering. I have not grossed him out yet, and he is so gentle and kind. Easy to please. But, why does PMS and the strange doings of the female period mean moodiness, and snappishness?? So, that our families would take us out into the wilds and leave us?? I can't stand myself. Angry, resentful. Merry Christmas. When I am bleeding like a stuck hog, yes, how did women do this hundred of years ago?? With rags?

Makes me appreciate that story in the Bible of the lady who bled all the time, and just wanted to TOUCH Jesus's hem of his clothing. And Jesus just happened to walk close by, and she touched HIS HEM and was healed, and He felt the power go out of HIM and He whipped around, and said, who touched Me??? She touched Him in faith, and was healed, and He KNEW it already, and could have kept quiet, but instead HE said, who touched me, and scared the pooky out of her. She had to confess.

Man-0-Man, if Jesus was walking down my street, I would be tempted to body tackle Him. For almost forty years I have been as regular as clockwork. Ever since my Poppy's funeral...what a lovely time to start. And except for the three pregnancies---but you make up for it after a birth, 'cause you bleed for six weeks.

Here at the end, I skipped a month last year. got all excited, but whoa---then a two weeker. And then the six week, and wondering where I was in the cycle. And then a soaker. Grossed out yet??!! I tell all. I mark it in my little calendar in my wallet. I buy maxi pads by the case. What next?? Hot flashes?? Can't wait.

I must say it puts Christmas in a different light when you wonder if you are dying. My husband and boys know I love them. I don't want my boys to fear female stuff with their wives.

Day after Christmas update: hopefully, the flow is slowing down a little. But, I am wiped out. NO energy. I feel run over by a truck. I am out of paper towels, and apple juice, but I have not the energy nor desire to go to the store and fight the crowds, nor catch something. I am sure my immune system must be down. I have never seen such big blood clots...bigger than the pomegranate seed size of the day before. And it has been years since cramping like that. We put a plastic bag down between the sheet and mattress pad.

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JAMIE'S CREW said...

Texas sure does have crazy weather. Indeed, no wonder many of us stay sniffly all winter. Up and down temperatures, never knowing whether to keep the heater on which dries out the air - or throw open the windows.

Happy Holidays!