Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday---the wind quieted down--wow

It always amazes me when you hear the radio weather people predict that at 10am the wind will start howling, and then they are correct. It was windy today. We watched the wind pick up the leaves in the neighbor's yard across the street, lift them up and throw them over her house. A new pile has been deposited by our garage door, too---probably from our back yard.

I tried the Tastefully Simple cherry crisp today. Again, very easy to do. I prefer more old fashioned rolled oats in my crisp---so I will modify it next time. But, the box comes ready with the cherries and topping for folks snowed in, like our northern relatives--so it should make a nice Christmas treat for them. And the caramel sauce comes in a little jar. I scooped out a dollop and cut up apples for a snack. What a fun way to use up apples that have been in the frig for weeks. Apples do not get eaten around here unless I wash and cut them up, or sneak one in Bob's briefcase.

The firstborn called again today as they were out shopping, but the grandbaby was not in the mood to chat on the phone. Needed more nap. And James called today when his girlfriend was busy photographing her pastor's family. And I left a message on Ben's phone that we had hot cherry cobbler, but he must not have been hungry for it.

Bob beat me at Scrabble: 385 to 241. We may play another game as it is not yet bedtime, and he says he has his Sunday School lesson ready. The puppies on the puppy cam are burning off their supper wrestling and tearing up their bed.

Christmas cards are trickling in. Good to see the new school pictures of nieces and nephews. We have done Christmas letters in years past, and I used to do fifty or more Christmas cards. I don't know, why send cards to folks who read about our lives here? And why send cards to folks we keep in contact via email? I'll never forget, years ago before blogging was invented, how Bob would sit and chuckle to himself composing the Christmas newsletter to top all newsletters. He is a good writer, and blogs instead of composing witty newsletters.

Time to load the dishwasher again, and check the laundry, and play another game of Scrabble. (And I beat Bob by two points: 242 to 240) Then its off to bed so that we are awake and alert for Sunday School.

Goodnight PERIGEAN moon, Goodnight Shiba Inu puppies three, Goodnight and thanks to the brave BOFFINS that know and proclaim global warming is a hoax. I will link the article here when I click on it again. I am an embedding fool these days. Teach this old dog a new trick will ya!

Hey, MOTHER--or was that you, Dad?? Let me know you are reading my boring blog or I will snail mail it to you. Ha

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