Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Odds and Ends

This story sounds like a win-win to me. A suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowd of protesters who were protesting the Israelis, but then Israel gets blamed?? Huh?

And a lot of blogs and websites are talking about the MSM pulling out of Iraq. I agree that it looks like we won. When I find a link, I will put it here.

Caught the newest pretty kitty from next door in the possum trap this morning. I saw her nosing around it, but I got busy peeling hard boiled eggs for Bob and James, and James noticed the cat in the trap first. Every kitty has to learn the hard way, by getting caught. Once. Then they leave the trap alone. I am trying to catch that huge possum I saw walking down the power line the other night. I tried apologizing to the pretty kitty---it has beautiful markings like a cape, so we call it batman kitty, but when I approached the cage with a gentle voice to let it out, the kitty was still in shock, and as soon as I opened the door, it shot out like a rocket, across the yard, and through the gap in the fence, and back to the neighbors. Cats are smart. Once caught, I won't see that cat in the trap ever again.

Dave Barry's blog features a pin up calendar for women of men doing housework. I am thinking of making a private one for me of just Bob. Bob pulling weeds. Bob mowing. Bob vacuuming. Bob loading the dishwasher. And Mr. Bob for December could be Bob putting up Christmas lights for me. Nothing turns me on more that Bob doing stuff around the house I cannot. The Halloween or October picture would be of me grossing out Bob. He has the face for a cute look of horror.

And what is it was all the funny "Bowl" names?? The Orange Bowl, the Rose Bowl, the Holiday Bowl. Some have funny sponsors. How do sports reporters do it with a straight face?? I had to ask the stupid question of Bob this morning: are all bowl games colleges?? He told me that all except the Super Bowl. I go ahead and declare the questions stupid so that Bob knows not to take a swig of coffee and choke or something. I think it would be fun to collect funny bowl names, and make up some for nosy people who ask whatall we were doing on New Years Eve. (Oh, watching the Possom Bowl)

There may be a movie in our future---as in going to an actual theater. I am VERY picky which movies I support. I like to find out everything I can about them. No surprises for me, thank you. What propaganda, what theme, what music, what plot, and what liberal actors are we paying. But, the AUSTRALIA movie looks interesting. It opened four weeks ago, and cost a whooping $130 million, but is only showing in a few theaters. Normally, I'd wait until the DVD, but the whole purpose of this movie is to showcase the land that is Australia. So, gotta go see it on a big screen. I have a plan. But, we are flexible. I'll check it out and let you know. (Later--we saw it, and it is almost three hours long. But, entertaining. Vistas!)

Call me random today, but another interesting fact: the top ten most wanted here in Arlington are 18 years old. Born in 1990. Wow. That means that when we get into 2009, the New Year, we will be seeing 18 year olds born in 1991. Wow. These numbers are well known to those that sell beer, I guess. When you "card" someone, their birthday would have to say 1988, right? (21 here in Texas) I live such a sheltered life. But in 1990 and 1991, when my boys were all in school, the latest criminals were born. And decisions made in their formative years---decisions they made, they chose to go to the dark side. I am not saying we are all sinless. But, faced with the very same choices, some of us decide to do what is right, and some people do not. Babies born this year look all cute and innocent, but how many of them will appear on the most wanted posters and websites of 2027? And how many of them will graduate with honors and go on to college or take up an honorable trade and become productive citizens?


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Love your post today!!! I am always afraid to start writing something random.

Anyway - after reading your post and about the possum too - I left your blog to go and check a couple of others.

It isn't a possum - but go and check out today's post at:


Happy New Years. My twins turn 9 on New Years Day.

Bob said...

So Mr/Ms Kitty wasn't too interested being petted, eh?

Somehow I knew it would be Israel's fault that the terrorist blew up those protesters.