Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I thought this too boring to post, but Bob said, "no, that sounds it"

At the post office today, the line did not look long, so I decided to stay and try and mail a small package. The scales in the lobby guessed $2.19 but I did not want to put it on the credit card, and that is the only money the machine takes. I got in line with two more grey haired ladies, and we talked about the dinosaurs we had become in the new technology age. While we waited, a clerk at the end was busy explaining to an elderly man how to update his passport. She explained loud enough for us to hear that he can just fill out this four page form on his own and send it in, but if he wanted the post office to do it for him, there would be a $25 charge on top of the $75 renewal. I think the man gave up and took the form home, and the next in line walked over to this clerk only to hear, “oh, I am not working…I am just answering passport questions”. We chuckled at the “not working” part. That seemed to describe her too well.

And while waiting in line at Walmart to return some too small slacks, an old neighbor recognized me and we got caught up on news. Then around the aisle containing dishwashing liquid, I ran into an old PTA mom. So, we chatted away and solved all the world’s problems.

Should I mention the two loads of laundry and that I actually vacuumed? Are you yawning yet? I know I am. Night.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Not boring at all. The post office drives me nuts. They don't work very quickly there at any time. :-)

Bob said...

If you love service at the post office, just wait until the government owns all the banks and auto manufacturers.

joyce said...

I mailed another package this morning to you-know-who. I paid for a fancy envelope because the lights on the shirts might have been mistaken for hazardous materials. Hope they like the light-up Christmas shirts, and I hope the shirts are easy to clean. What will manufacturers thing of next? GPS in shirts? Ha