Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years EVE

Communion. The Lord's Supper. Do this in rembrance of Me. He said.

Just do it. And I have always been amazed and thankful for pastors who can dig out the elements and the meaning and the stories and made them fresh and new. Is it a salute? Like at a Memorial Service? Do this, He said, until I come back. Remember. Jesus was using the Passover elements to teach about Himself, and what He must do. What He was born to do. His mission.

Just do it. Accept and Trust and Receive what you are served. Ponder what Jesus did and how He does not want us to forget who we truly belong to. Jesus is the God of Order. For thousands of years, the Jews had honored the story of that first Passover and leaving Egypt for the Promised land. When Jesus celebrated the Last Passover, He fulfilled everything Promised, and started something new that looks back to the cross. This is My Body, this Bread, broken and unleaven, and sinless, and pierced, and This is My Blood, represented by the grape juice, the work only He could do, drink ye all of it. We eat and drink---simple acts of faith, trusting in Him who did all the work of salvation.

Yes, New Years Eve is a good time to observe Communion. By doing it, Jesus said, we declare the Lord's death until He comes back. He is not dead. He arose.

I like how the pastor tonight reminded us that BC stands for Before Christ, and AD stands for the Latin, in the year of our Lord. May 2009 be the Year of our Lord. He controls History.

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