Wednesday, December 2, 2009

7:20am Wednesday SNOW

Yes, it is snowing! Wow

Bob called from the train station to say it was snowing there.

Nice big flakes.

We turned on the furnace last night, so now it does not dip below sixty-eight in here. There was so much rain and cloudy conditions yesterday, that it just did not warm up in the house. I was sitting around in my coat. I went to Walmart yesterday after the chiropractor, and got sweaty in the Walmart. Walmart is hot in the summer, as they save money on AC and keep it at eighty degrees. And they are hot in the winter. Yikes. Got some pictures developed from our Thanksgiving and watching James' promotion ceremony on Monday.

Bob and I noticed we were the oldest folks at the promotion ceremony. Seven had their butter bars turned to silver. But, "silver" on camo is black. Amber got to do the honors along with another young bride. It was fun. Beautiful weather.

update: it snowed for an hour! still coming down lightly. The green grass is holding snow, and the back yard bush is bowing down with the weight of the snow.

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