Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Sun is Shining!!! Whoop!

Ah, the sun is shining. Feels great. We have had a couple of drizzly days, and the weatherman predicted super cold temps tonight after midnight. Maybe that blizzard is just going to brush us as it heads east.

I went to the chiropractor again this morning. He said to ice my back four times a day. I admitted I had not been icing it because the house was already cold. And I went by the grocery store. Bought a smallish roast, put it in the crock pot, and then the power went out. Great. For an hour and a half... But, now it is back on, and the crock pot is cooking again, and the frig is humming, and I have a dishwasher full ready to go, too. The power outage happened right in the middle of a blenderizing of more cranberry relish. The fresh blenderized cutie oranges---whole---skin, peel and everything, freshly washed cranberries and pecans, yum.

While waiting for the power to come back on, I got caught up on some correspondence, and used the cell to phone my friend in Ennis. I had called in the outage on the wall phone, and they had asked for a contact number, so I did not want to tie up that line. When I called the power company, you usually get a recording, but instead, today, I was instructed by recording to call the other power company's number, but when I did, a lady answered, and when I explained that there had been a loud explosion/bang, and then no power, she said that their equipment was not showing an outage. Was she calling me a liar? How is one suppose to respond? How about, well, let me call my doctor to have both my hearing and my vision checked??

I did see a policeman drive down the street, so someone knew we were out. When I got ahold of Bob at work after his lunch, he said it only showed our four houses out. So, must have been a critter--like a squirrel touching the transformer and a wire. Could have been a possum, but we have hauled two possums to the park lately, and I saw squirrels on the line.

update: the roast turned out pretty dry because I cooked that sucker to death. (meat thermometer only goes up to 200 degrees)

And not only did we receive our first Christmas card earlier this week, but today we received our first Christmas letter. wow. how are we gonna top a therapy dog? Our cat makes me need therapy. It just does not compare.


Bag Blog said...

Those tricky possums! I lol at your thoughts toward the electric company person.

Bob said...

Looks like I got that fried possum I was a-hankerin' for.