Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Headed to Luna's during a Blue MOON!

Tamales ordered for New Year's Eve. Luna's Tortilla Factory moved from downtown Dallas to near Love Field. Found it online, and Bob has been by there, but tomorrow is my turn. I mapquested the routes. Now to remember to take Bob to the train tomorrow, or we will end up needing to go by the station parking lot at midnight. Not a good time to be on the road.

Is my house toddler proof? We will see. I am trying to look at the room through toddler's eyes. Bob will wonder why the heck his heart monitor toys are up on the window sill. Relatives driving down from Iowa via Kansas City yesterday and today. I wonder how far they got in the winter weather?

Yesterday's snow was slushy. The streets stayed above freezing all night, thankfully, because of a south wind. Hence, no ice! Yeah! It was our third snow event. Everyone is still talking about the suprise White Christmas that caught the weathermen unawares---what happened there! This latest event they kept predicting would hit 12 and 24 hours ago. And they just kept glibbly postponing it. Guessing the weather is still hit and miss. When one descends too fast, or a finger of it dumps two feet of snow on Wichita Falls and closes 287 in drifts, they call it "the perfect storm" which translated means, we were totally suprised. That thing moved in so fast, they had no time to warn folks and hundreds spent the night in their cars. I heard the National Guard was used to rescue people. and the de-icing solution was washed off by the rain that preceded it.

Bob's siblings are converging on his brother's house in north Dallas New Years Eve. It has been a year since we have seen some.

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Bag Blog said...

We just got home from delivering Toby's mom to her home in Lubbock. I wish I had thought to stop and get tamales at Pedro's while I was there. Happy New Year!