Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vinegar is my Friend

I love vinegar. I leave an open jug of vinegar in the garage and under the sink to eat odors. I especially like it to splash about on the freshly washed kitchen or bathroom floor to remove the last vestages of soap, and dust bunnies. Better to do this on a day you can open the windows, like yesterday. A cold front came in, so we had to turn the furnace back on. I think the vinegar smell will dissipate before our granddaughter arrives.

Grannies sweat. This grannie starts sweating at 72 degrees if I am just sitting. And Walmart keeps their store at 80 degrees in the summer to save money, and 80 degrees in the winter to give me a sweatbox workout. Another reason why I do not join a gym. Gettin' a workout at Walmart is a two-fer. Here I come. Grannie needs two baths a day!

I enjoy Walmart even when most think Walmart is not cool. Country song in there somewhere. More later. Isn't blogging fun? A place to dump stuff when your husbands ears are full up, or busy thinking math problems. Speaking of which, last night, I used that math man mightily. I only had a few checks to writes for bills due, and he can do the subtraction in his head. I have to get out the calculator and find a light source, as the calculator needs solar power. Now, aren't you glad I told you that? A math man is mighty handy. Handsome and handy.

an hour or so later: Found some stocking stuffers. And bought two yards of Toy Story fleece which is purple and features Jesse, so now to figure out how to hem it. Does one cut off the Disney disclaimers along the side? I think I will wash it first, and wait and ask the next seamstress I see. One edge is already hemmed. We can use it unhemmed for a blanket for Abby as her bed is sorta low to the ground.

Stocked up on juice and fun foods. I bet Abby will like playing with the gingerbread family by Pepperedge Farms. And I found the shoe laces for Bob. Went ahead and got flat and round in case he has a preference, and then for an extra.

New flavor in the one hundred percent cotton yarn department at Walmart! Sunrise is the name. A verigated yarn of orange, yellow, gold and cream. Fun!

The vacuum cleaner will freak out Sallycat. But, hey, I don't want to put it off too long. ha.

And time to check their progress on the website. The flight outa Anchorage was delayed waiting on the plane from Seattle. Why, praytell does the airline tell us too much? Terrorists must love these sites. They could shop by size, seating, engine, thrust. Why do we need to know those things? I just wanna know which gate to pick them up!

More later.


Mrs. JP said...

OH, you are right. Vinegar is great, Walmart is way to hot and math men are the best!! We have so much in common...Merry Christmas.

Bag Blog said...

I'm not so sure about the vinegar smell, but you are right about Wal-mart and math men.

joyce said...

The vinegar smell is gone. It is amazing stuff. And I think it is kid friendly. I have been walking around barefoot in full strength vinegar.