Monday, December 7, 2009

One less possum

Yesterday, Bob set the possum trap. And as it is getting dark the earliest these days, (5:22pm all week)I guess the possums are active earlier, too. We caught one in the trap the other day, but then Bob saw a live one running across the yard. I hope that is the one that tripped the trap last night about 9:30pm. We went ahead and took it north of the Trinity River to get it over with. That way, Bob would not have to mess with it in the morning before work.

The big, big 55 gallon heavy duty garbage bags fit nicely over the cage trap. Since my back went out, I have not been much help, but Bob managed all by himself.

I went to Walmart this morning (Monday) and wow it was hot in there. I got so sweaty. I guess you get a workout and a sweat lodge effect along with low prices. I ususally like to stroll, but my back was hurting too much to dwaddle. Still could not find the duct tape. Wasted all those steps to the paint section to look. Oh, well. I will keep it on the list. I know the craft stores have some in vivid colors. Getting whole bean coffee at Walmart is getting harder. The Dunkin Donuts brand of coffee is the lowest acid.

The huge Tommy cat with the shorter tail wanting inside when I got back home today. He is a creamier color that reminds us of our firstborn's old Tommy cat. Looks like he has been in a few fights. I set food outside in the feeder for the cats, as that way our Sallycat has food if she is outside when we are not home.

Wow---who knew that golf was so, uh, unwholesome?! And who knew that someone named Tiger had a mistress at every hole? Why do sluts today give it up so easy?

Frozen blueberries: Best way to cool down after a Walmart workout. Good for your bladder, like cranberries.

Now we have soup, and rice, and cereal---our supper staples. Ben dropped in last night when we were watching the Cowboy game on TV and I did not have any food to offer him. Now I am girded with something healthy to offer him, if he ever drops by again, as well as gummy bears! I had let the cupboards get a little bare knowing we had the Lord's Supper at church last night, and they do an actual supper. Tortilla soup and cornbread last night hit the spot. Pastor Mark read the passage from Corinthians where they were doing the Lord's Supper wrong. Seems strange somehow to teach it by how-not-to... But, we need to be reminded to serve each other and gather as a family. The vocal babies and toddlers gave such a sweet and sometimes loud punctuation to the overly long prayers or speeches.

'Tis a grey day. Drizzly yesterday, and more cold and rain suppose to come this week.

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Mrs. JP said...

Oh, I'm so sorry your back is bothering you. I'll be praying for your recovery. Wal-mart is always a marathon, but especially if you don't feel well.