Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year !!!


time flies

tamales were a hit. four dozen. three pork, one chicken. shudda bought a sweet dozen for folks to try. Mariachi band and such a wonderful welcome today at Lunas!

And fun had by all at Bob's brother's house in north Dallas. It was fun to tell Clara that everyone in the room had a mom named Clara, her namesake. Bonnie and Beth. And Bonnie is running for state rep! Bart and Janice. Joel and Mona and Jomona, Clarissa, Andy, Jacob and Clara and Josiah.

home safe and sound on 161. First time I'd ridden on it. roads were moist, but with dry patches. Windshield frozen from moisture trapped INSIDE the car from the four dozen tamales. Wonderful dips and salads. And we gave our cakes a good home. Janice seemed suprised the rum cake was made with real rum.

The sky is clear.

Blue Moon.

Bob said Joel beat him at Scrabble the first game, then he won the second.

midnight fireworks---from the new Cowboy Stadium or Six Flags? wow

sounded like thunder, but we knew the sky was clear.





it is midnight here. central time.

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Bag Blog said...

Sounds like a good start to your year. Blessings to you!