Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Makes me feel a part

We have caller ID. Mainly, because of the never-ending political season. Seems like we just got done electing president, and the governors race is on. Yikes. I hate robo calls.

We just do not pick up unless we know who it is. Forget the "unknown"s or "private" callers. Let them leave a message, I say.

But, today is James' duty day. And I got a call from a corporal on staff duty wanting James to call McM., and the phone number. So, I retrieved it off call notes, and called James. Seems that no matter how he gets his information updated, we are still his permanent residence, hence, we get the call. It makes me feel a part. Gives me an excuse to call James. For, James wears a leash, a fancy cell phone. He even gets email on it. It is so cool.

I like being an Army Mom. Next time James has duty, I bet I get a call. It will be fun. HOOHAH.

I am an Air Force Mom, too. Wonder how I get on firstborn's duty roster.

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