Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blogging Does Help Jog the Memory!

I could not remember what we did for the past two Christmases, so I looked up my old blog posts! That helped! I am so glad I blogged about them.

The storm rolling across the plains is giving us some needed rain, but the weather radio report used the snow word. And I don't remember ever having snow on Christmas Eve nor Christmas Day. I remember more balmy Christmases here in Texas where we open the windows!

Andy and Lauren and our granddaughter drove up from Houston last night. They had a wonderful wedding last Saturday where Lauren and Abby were in the bridial party. Wonderful pictures already! And then they had a couple of Christmas celebrations with Lauren's grandparents. And yesterday, they visited my folks and I will try to post the great picture of great-grandmother reading to Abby. So cute.

Ben was not feeling very well, but he met us at the Cracker Barrel and we watched Abby down two biscuits. I am afraid this sorta dulled her appetite for chicken, but the applesauce was an artistic medium. Our countertop table now sports a beautiful gingerbread house decorated by Abby with little candies, and a rock walk of chocolate rocks. It makes the house smell sweet. We will be glad to help them mail some of their loot to their home, as they will not be able to fit it all in their suitcases. And airlines charge extra now. Abby received this cute muppet looking flower. She really likes it, and can put it on all by herself. So cute.

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Mrs. JP said...

Christmas blessings to you and yours.