Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Three O'clock in the morning...

What is it with ladies my age waking up at 3am??? What is with that? Most mornings I can fall back to sleep, but not today. I went ahead and got up at 4am just to let Bob sleep in peace.

Got the guest bed remade with clean sheets. I can bend over a little better, and fetch things off the floor I drop, but had to take a break half-way through. It is like my back wears out and gets a hitch for a few minutes.

Clothes are sorted. My Mother would be so proud. She taught me to sort clothing. My whites are white, and my gentle cycle is the other one these days. If dark colored towells pile up, I do them by themselves.

I have been buying the Dunkin Donuts whole bean coffee. It is very low acid, and mild. I prefer a more robust, stronger coffee, but Bob likes it. I have tried brewing it in the old coffee pot, but it tastes the same as in the new Mr. Coffee $10 maker. Dunkin makes a darker coffee, but only in ground. I could buy some and use it when I do not want to wake the neighbors with the coffee grinder. A coffee grinder really helps me get my aggression out. The base broke off, so you can rotate that sucker 180 degrees. It is great for grinding oats, and nuts, too. Andy bought it for us for Christmas a few years ago.

It is 5:45am, and Bob is out jogging. He bought some new running shoes on Saturday, and said they help cushion the joints, so that is good.

Time to clean the catbox.

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Bag Blog said...

Wow, you are very productive in the wee hours of the morning. I'm not even productive during normal hours much less 3 AM.