Thursday, December 3, 2009

Muffins in the oven

It is fun to see how much interesting healthy fiber I can add to my muffins: oats, more dried cranberries, molasses, olive oil and orange juice as well as milk. Last batch was a little dry. This one should be better.

And fun to run the oven today as it is COLD outside. They are using the SNOW word again in the forecast. I am outa soup, too. I am just asking for a power outage with a growing grocery list of staples and canned victuals. But, tomorrow, I shall risk it and cook the turkey breast in the crock pot. It is finally thawed. Leaking salmonillia juices to prove it. Every time I poke it, I feel like I need to go scrub my hands. It looks like it will fit in the crock pot. But, if it doesn't, I shall do major surgery or whack it with a hammer. The down side is that I will have to have smell it cooking all day. ha.

update: the muffins turned out pretty good. Are muffins just cake that is good for you? Or, are muffins cake we ice with butter?

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