Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday after Christmas

The sky is clear. Reprovisions secured from Walmart. Another trip to the chiropractor, so I am standing up straighter. A walk around the block. Trying to get it all done because bad weather is in the forecast. It was suppose to start tonight, but now they have postponed the bad stuff until mid-day tomorrow.

I think I have fallen into a rut. Walmart, Tom Thumb, chiropractor.

I need to think of something new to visit, somewhere new to shop.

An antique shop would be fun, or a craft shop. I don't know.

I need to go to the post office and pick up their preferred boxes. Bob and I found Abby some cute socks and CARS slippers.

The guest room is ready for the next group. The portable crib has a sheet on it, and the toddler bed has clean sheets, and I am thinking about a camping air mattress for the great nephew. It is tempting to put up the camping tent, too, and let him sleep in there in the other spare room, but I think they need space to play. Toys are within easy reach in bins in the closet. And I have more toys out in the little house in storage. The brio train set, blocks and a dump truck...if they get bored with the chevron cars and matchbox cars.

Mark Steyn is doing a super job today subbing for Rush today. He'll be the sub tomorrow, too. Then our own Mark Davis on Wednesday. I liked his term for the newest airplane bomber: knickerbomber. He has also used the term panty bomber. This one came from a rich family. His own father had warned multiple countries that his son was dangerous. This guy was on the naughty list in lots of countries. Thankfully, his bomb did not work and 300 people lived on Christmas Day. Why detonate over Detroit?? Why do muslims want to kill muslims?? Detroit has a huge muslim community. No telling how many he would have killed on the ground. Jumped on by a brave flying dutchman, the muslim was prevented from finishing his bomb. Thankfully.


Mrs. JP said...

Praise God that they were saved from such a horrible thing. Maybe people will see that there are still threats out there - but I doubt it. The wool has officially been pulled over so many eyes.
Hey,,,I know a new stop you can make. The library!! I love to go to the large print section or even the "do it yourself" section.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

AirmanMom said...

May Twenty-Ten be filled with fun adventures, good health and much happiness! Thanks for sending me to the new blog...such a good read!