Monday, December 21, 2009

Jupiter and Sliver of a Moon conjunction

We watched the sun go down on this shortest day. I was picking Bob up at the station. Then we went to Whataburger for their last day of A1. And after we ate, we walked around the block. I only had to stop twice. I slipped a disk a couple of weeks ago, and have been going to the chiropractor every week, using ice gel packs, and walking around hunched over. The chiropractor nagged me about walking again. The disk slipped anterior, and it is pulling the nerves on my ribs down, too. A big breath feels like someone is poking me in the ribs.

Twenty years ago, I was thin, and could run a five mile (10K). Now, I can hardly make it around the block. Bob has started jogging every morning again. He has a new geeky watch and heart monitor, so he will be in fine shape in no time at all.

The sliver of a moon and Jupiter were close tonight. Bob even spotted Mercury. We have so many houses and trees, that Mercury is a hard one to spot. But, I mentioned it when we could see between the houses to the western horizon. And Bob believed me.

Andy called today. Abby did great as flower girl in another wedding. The service was a little too long, so Andy entertained her elsewhere. And she wanted nothing to do with the professional photographers, but enjoyed the dancing at the reception. And she has a passel of new toys from Christmas by the Bay with her Momma's grandparents. I am glad they are having a good time, but it will be fun to see them Christmas Day. And with over ten inches on the ground at their home in Alaska, I wonder if they will be able to get into their house. Maybe the neighbors took pitty, and snowblew their side, too. I sure hope so. Yikes.

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