Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Gift of a Granddaughter Visit

I got to pick up our firstborn and his wife and daughter at the airport last night. Their flight had been delayed, so it had been a very, very long day for them. They were suppose to leave Anchorage at midnight. But at 6am our time, the flight was just taking off. I kept track of their progress throughout the day as I cleaned, and shopped, and finished laundry. And I figured they'd want to go to a Whataburger as soon as they touched down because they don't have them in Anchorage.

It was sure good to see them come out of the doors at the airport. And we visited while we waited for their luggage. It had been since July that I had seen them, and our granddaughter had grown a few inches. She seems to remember me. And she warmed up to Bob right away. They have a special bond, as Bob helped our son drive the cars, so he got to see her in her new city. And I think she remembers him from all the playtime there.

Our bedtime is their supper time, so we made pancakes for their supper. And Abby played with the toys for a little while before bed.

I don't think my mom reads the blog, but my folks sent us a case of grapefruit from Harlingon, and Abby ate a little of it for breakfast at noon.

Last night, Abby helped GrandDad finish decorating the Christmas Tree. Abby pointed to a picture of her daddy on one ornament when he was a teenager, and said, "that is daddy when he was a boy." And she pointed to a picture of her mom and dad's wedding picture and said, "that is when mom was a princess." Too cute.

Abby will be three years old in January. She speaks in complete sentences, and has her momma's smile and mannerisms. When she puts her hands on her legs, I can see her momma as a little girl from pictures we got at Christmastime.

She loved the toddler bed Bob assembled. And we encouraged them to take it with them to Houston as they are stars in another wedding.

I have new refrigerator art. And the gift of a granddaughter's visit for Christmas. I have all I need.

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Mrs. JP said...

Wow Joyce, you really had a day full of blessings. Good for you. Grand babies are the best.