Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quiet Sunday

It has been a quiet Sunday here in Texas. I have only worn my coat in the house for half the day. ha. When one wears an icepack on ones back, then the coat keeps the rest of one toasty.

Or if one decides to eat a bowl of ice cream in December, the coat keeps the rest warm.

Bob attended the church Christmas play. I stayed home and listened to Mar Hill Church online. When Bob purchased tamales, we put half in the freezer, so we ate those for lunch today. (and burped them all afternoon.) But, they heat up in the microwave, and taste just as good as fresh.

We played Scrabble. Twice. Two games, back to back. It had been almost a month since we had played, which is unusual for us, as it sits right here in the middle of the coffee table, and I fold clothes around it. Bob loves to play. There is nothing worthwhile watching on TV.

Bob got the windows washed, and the back yard mowed of leaves after we filled two huge bags of leaves. We are trying to give the green rye grass a fighting chance. Leaves will deprive it of light and rain.

James and Amber were here Friday night and Saturday morning. I tried making the cream biscuits, but did not use enough flour, and they came out mighty soft, but Amber liked them. Andy called Friday night after the wedding rehearsal, so I am wondering how Abby did in the wedding on Saturday night. We ate at Cracker Barrel with Ben on Friday night before Amber and James came over, and then Ben came over to see James and Amber, too. Hopefully, everyone will converge here again Christmas Day. That way, Abby can see her Uncle James and Aunt Amber, and Uncle Ben.

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