Saturday, December 26, 2009

The After Christmas Ham and Beans and Cornbread Dressing

I thought it silly to make cornbread for the ham and beans, as I had plenty of cornbread dressing left. It was good! I should have done the ham and beans in the crock pot, because ham and beans done on the stove top means lots of stirring. We set the timer to stir every fifteen minutes as it started sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Looks like some snow made it through another day. I can see patches of snow in the backyard. Sat outside and cut Bob's hair with the clippers. By the back wall of the house, in the southern facing full sun, it was warm and toasty.

We woke up at 4am to take our firstborn and his family to the airport. The security lines were long, but our almost three year old granddaughter was a cheerful trooper in the cold. Fed her a pumpkin pancake, and I think she was still nibbling on it when they wound through security and out of sight.

We have received a few updates on the travellers---

James and Amber came over Christmas Eve, but headed back to Lawton so that they could continue to California today. I think all three boys were here an hour or so Christmas Eve, and three hours Christmas Day. It seemed to fly by. I baked muffins for breakfast, but an early lunch of ham, mashed potatoes, and veggies with dressing and lots of desserts. I boiled the whole five pounds of red potatoes, and used two packages of cream cheese, so did not need milk after all. See, we had this once in eighty years SNOW storm which gave us the first white Christmas in our memories. Driving was treacherous, and stores were closing early anyway. I should have stocked up on more stocking stuffers and milk on balmy Wednesday when the temp was 75 degrees and we had the windows open. My bad. Ben and Andy found a gas station open when they were running an errand, and got us another gallon of milk. Andy and Lauren are used to driving in ice and snow. So, they enjoyed shopping, and we were the worst babysitters, as Little Miss did not nap, and thus, was overly tired Christmas Eve.

She did help us unwrap presents on Christmas Day. She has the hang of that. We got a signed copy of Sarah Palin's book, and a bread maker. And some sour dough starter, and Collin Street Fruitcake. Whoop! Santa brought Bob some more fancy Thoro Running socks and Balneol. Santa is so practical. Bob read Ben the poem he'd written, and I think Ben liked it--as it was all about Ben asking for Santa's thumb print. Bob's blog has it---

Years ago, Bob put the gifting back onto the boys by encouraging them to save a special fund just for buying each other stuff at Christmas. I am glad they still enjoy doing it. I am glad they still enjoy each other, and call each other, and keep up with whatall the others are doing. Bob and I have been able to step back and just help out here and there as we see a need. I like giving presents all year. It is so fun to pick out something for our granddaughter and send it in the mail. It is harder to know whatall the guys need, but I try to keep my ears open to ideas or clues they give us. I am a failure in the presents for the daughters-in-law department. I need to be a better listener to what they'd like. I am just so thankful they all came here for Christmas this year. I think they'd rather spend them with their folks and travelling is so expensive.

Looks like our little portable crib and toddler bed will get some new visitors this week as nieces and nephews and their families stay overnight on their way to visit grandparents in the area. I have been keeping the washer going today with sheets and towells. Time to throw another load in the dryer so we can remake the guest bed for the next group. It is kinda nice living in the DFW area, as relatives crisscross the country and drop in.

Bob told me the cutest story today coming back from Walmart. When he was five years old, he said, he asked his parents for a truck for Christmas. He was given a toy one, and tried not to let his dissappointment show. Come to find out, he was very literal even back then. He wanted a real truck, just like his Dad's. I hope he blogs about it. Someday we will have to get him a real truck. He kinda uses the old plymouth as a truck. I read a story online today about a seven year old who took his parents front loader and plowed the roads. Sounds like something Bob would do if they had fulfulled his wish.


Mrs. JP said...

It sounds like you all had a very good Christmas. Isn't it always a blessing to have your at home?

joyce said...

thanks Mrs. JP, we did have a grand time with everyone. But, when the weather is iffy, I'd rather hunker down and not drive anywhere. But, Alaska folks are so used to driving on this ice and snow, they thought nothing of it. And I think the daughters-in-law would have rather been with their mommas. I don't care when we celebrate Christmas. I'd almost prefer it when store are open in case i forget something. And I'd rather they come because they want to, not from obligation or because it is our "turn" or something.