Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are There Other Women Silently Suffering Out There Like Me?

Whoa. Thrown a curve. Weeks and weeks of gushing, flowing, spotting and then this morning, I was hoping I was finally going to have a day off. A slower day. A break in the action. Things seemed okay. I got up early, listened to a few Mars Hills Church sermons online. Drank some coffee. Got ready for church. Bob's Sunday School lesson was great. Then, half-way through church. Wham. I have never felt so tired, so wiped out in my life. Yikes.

We came home from church, and texted James to see what his lunch plan were, as James and Amber went to Amber's church. And they had some plans, but we were waiting for a while, just in case they called or were free. I sat down in the recliner, and I could not get warm. I was so chilled. And tired. Took a nap waiting. Then, dived into the bed and turned the electric blanket on. Poor Bob got NO lunch. I was out like a light. I would wake up and be too tired, too lazy to even turn over. I did not take my vitamins yesterday, but, whoa, this is a different tired. And the spotting began again. Stained everything. Great. Not.

So, I will trot to the sonogram on Wednesday, and to the histeroscopy on Feb. 6th, next week, and then a follow up with the main gynocologist. Two more weeks of this hanging in there, and they may say its normal. Okay with that. Rule out some stuff, and proceed with the shutting down of the baby carriage.

We listened to the Mars Hill Church sermons tonight together. I wanted to hear them again, and Bob was willing. Bob kept himself very entertained today with his post on obama's six days of destruction. Too funny. He is such a good writer.

All I can write about is this female stuff. Hey, if this is the fireworks finale---if the ovaries and uterus like to go out with a bang---then okay. In a few months, hopefully, I can look back (if everything quits) and say, hey, that was it. One last hurrah with a two month long period. Okay. But why is it accompanied with extreme chills and weariness? And why did I feel like passing out in church? My prayer was, just get me home. Home in my own bed, in my own chair. I hate passing out and scaring people or causing a commotion.

And then this lady showed up at our door twice this afternoon, looking for her retarded sister that we tried to help almost a year ago. This gal, looks 25 years old, but mentally, she is maybe ten years old, and money wise, and math or numbers, even younger. She faithfully attended our church for years and participated in activities with none of us the wiser. And when she was assaulted in her apartment complex, we were told about her mental challenges, and then things made sense. But, like I say, she was always good at our church---respectful, encouraging, helpful, faithful... Bob and I started picking her up and taking her to church when her arm was in a sling, and pins in her elbow, even though our church is literally next door to the apartment complex. We just wanted her to be safe.

And thankfully, we found out that the perp was given fifteen years, and had prior years in prison, but our young friend ran away again, and her sister can't find her. She came by here thinking the girl came here, as she had run away before and we had tried to help. Things went sour when we insisted on bringing in the police to help the sisters resolve their problems, and to protect our reputation. And the sister has not allowed us to pick up the girl for church in almost a year now. But, now we are hearing a different story, and the sister wondered aloud in front of us today, why didn't we pick her sister up for church anymore. Why indeed. But, at least she called the police this time to report her sister missing. I asked about an Amber Alert, but she was told that her sister is too old. But, being mentally challenged, she is in great danger. She could be talked into anything. And I do mean anything. Wasn't there a case of a mentally challenged girl in Dallas that was found using the Amber Alert?

Maybe its time to get help from city authorities. The sister says she is convinced that her sister is still somewhere in the apartment complex. But, she also said something about the bus stations. But, the girl has no concept of money, so she would not be able to purchase a bus ticket. Sadly, she has no ID on her. The sister keeps it, she says, for safekeeping. I want to be willing, and ready and able to do whatever we can, but I do not want to be pulled into the drama and conflicting stories. I am not a professional. I do not understand the girls mental condition other than what I observed for three years. And two of those years, I was clueless that she had any issues. She is from an island in the south Pacific, so a lot we chocked up to culture.

update---wow, great website recommended by a commenter. At last, info on what might be ailing me. fibroids---it has been probably ten years since a sonogram revealed I had those. I guess they are on the move. From what I read, they have their own blood supply and everything. Wow. We will see at the sonogram on Wednesday if that is the culprit.


Syndi said...


take a look at Several years ago my GYN recommended a hyster for me due to physical scarring resulting from a twin vaginal delivery. One of my friends insisted that she would never opt to have a hyster if there were other choices. I found this site and was shocked at the number of women I found who were literally bleeding to death waiting to have a hyster. Good Luck to you.

joyce said...

Thanks !! I will check it out, Syndi. I figured there are women out there that know.

Simply_Pam said...

I had the same problem and had a histeroscopy... it was the wonderful cure for me... good luck

Lisa said...

I would also mention PCOS. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. It's not easy to test for and is a rule out diagnosis, but has many signs and symptoms. All of the women in my family have this and my mother has had a hysterectomy for the same symptoms you describe. I only experience the symptoms when I allow my weight to creep up, which is a vicious cycle with this illness. Weight brings on the symptoms but they symptoms also prevent you from losing weight. My sister struggles with this more than I do and onset is usually in your late 20s carrying through to middle age. It is not fun. Read up on it and see if it is worth asking your doctor about.