Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Memories

I remember watching President Ronald Reagan being sworn in---having discovered and made official the fact that I was pregnant with our Firstborn, Andy. And President Reagan's presidency was like a wing of protection over all our boys. Andy was born in 1981, James in 1986 and Benjamin in 1987.

I was not sure how or even if I'd even want to watch the pageantry today. I did not sleep well. Got up at 3am so I would not disturb Bob with tossing and turning. But, I have c-span up, and I am amazed how this process---the motorcades, the assemblage at the Capital, it marches forward in precision and in an unstoppable wave...the peaceful transfer of power.

I was impressed with Pastor Rick Warren's sermon/prayer. (folks cheered in the middle of it!) Not only did Pastor Rick Warren pray in Jesus' name, but he started with about five versions: Yeshua, Hey-seus,..... Jesus... (I'll have to get the other ones once they are reprinted.)

As I finished knitting a thick, two-strand hot pad from two different balls---mixing the colors of brown, and copper and tan and a potpourri ombre of oatmeal, teal, purple dashes--which remind me of the purple and red and blue coats and scarves...call me madam defarge.

John Roberts must have lost his notes----he bungled the oath. And BO is now trying to get his stride in his fancy speech, trying to look presidential. The only relaxed ones on that stage are the Bushes. In the cold, cold air, he'd better wrap it up soon, or they will all come down with pneumonia. Michelle's dress/coast ensemble is the oddest color of green-yellow-tappestry. The purples behind her look rich and warm.

He, BO, pauses, but there is not applause. They must not be able to hear his words.

Make him repent, O Lord. Repent of the lies---come clean about who penned the book. Repent of his leftest, socialism and if he will not repent, then, please, O God, remove him. If he will repent, then fill that empty suit with Your wisdom, Your Grace, Your Justice. Meeting threats with words may not cut it. Please protect our soldiers. BO speaks "purty" words about defending our way of life, and putting the muslims on notice.

God, there is no accident with You. You allowed Barak Hussein Obama to come to this place. Hedge him in. Make Him Your servant, or give him your fist, because he should know You. He claims to be a Christian. He claims to have sat under the ministry of a Bible church. He has no excuse.

And please bless the retiring President George Bush, and his family. Please protect them and guide them, and give them purpose. Thank you for this peaceful transfer of power.

And please work on my heart. Please remove all prejudice, meanness, bitterness, and pride from my heart. Your will be done. In Jesus name. Amen

We travel forth to watch our James graduate from Chemical Corps School tomorrow. We have watched James travel from Fort Knox, to Fort Sill, and then to Fort Leonard Wood. Now he finishes his time at Fort Leonard Wood, and we get to be the cheerleader...and this trip, this time, we get to take with us the one he loves more now---Amber. What fun! We are being given the gift of a trip in the car of nine or ten hours with Amber all to ourselves.

Time to make new Inaugural Memories---on this clear blue sky day.

Good grief, how long was that parade?? four hours?? five? Yikes. This day is only for the healthy and fit. Their feet have got to be killing them, and they have dancing tonight. Balls. And there is such a stark contrast between the military precision marching and the high school bands that have to do erotic dance moves?! Michelle sure likes to move. I bet her husband gets tired of dancing tonight before she does. Just a guess.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Well said. Well prayed.

Bob said...

Yeah, we do need to pray for the President -- whether it be God's hand or God's fist he needs most.

This trip will be fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder to pray for this new president. He has a big job ahead of him and Lord willing He will allow God to be part of his decision making.--Your neice from the fareast