Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fifty degree Temperature drop after 1am this morning

When we went to bed late last night, we were hot and sticky and waiting for the cold front. We went to bed with all the windows open. At 2am, I closed our bedroom windows, but not until 4am did I close the windows all over the house--and since it was 61 degrees INSIDE the house, I turned on the furnace. So, the house was warm enough when we got up saw James off at 6am. I poured half the coffee into two of his travel thermos type mugs, and he packed the last of his stuff in his truck. He had packed most of the truck last night---when it was so hot and sticky. And we put furniture back, and boxed up breakables he was going to take with him.

So, what a shock this morning to get the breath sucked out of ya walking across the parking lot at church and it was closer to 35 degrees down from the 84 degrees of yesterday. It dropped fifty degrees from 1am until 8am. Yikes. Can't put on enough layers today. Sat in my coat at lunch. Tried out Panera Bread Company. They insist on a whole apple and a bag of chips with sandwiches or soup. I don't know. The sandwich was messy. drippy. How fresh is the bread? Why don't they put it in hygienic bags so its not such a production to purchase a loaf? The line was out the door after we got there.

Bob and I tried watering the front yard, but the wind made it a miserable exercise. Freezing rain maybe in the morning, but since it is coming from the Baja, by the time it makes it over the dry dessert, the rain is pretty enemic.

James made it back to Fort Leonard Wood by 5:30pm, but the line was long checking back in. So he did not head to Cracker Barrel for his supper until after 7pm. And he has 5am PT and urine test in the morning. What fun. And in eighteen days, he leaves Missouri for Oklahoma.

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