Saturday, January 3, 2009

Learnin' Me some Facebook

It is Saturday---garbage man came, and it is suppose to get up to eighty degrees. We may need to run the AC today before the cold front comes later tonight. I sweat at 75 degrees.

James helped get me up and running on facebook yesterday so I could post pictures for my sister, and showed me how to "poke" people--and I have found a whole passel of people who are not great emailers nor bloggers, but lo and behold---there they are on facebook. I wondered how nephew Joel and his dear wife, Alegria were doing, and whether they were able to go to Christmas at J's and sure 'nuf, now I know! And pictures of my nephews--my brother's boys---cute pictures right there on their momma's facebook. yeah! Aunt Joyce/Grannie cannot get enough pictures.

I wonder if there is a tutorial for facebook for the elderly, like me?

I wonder why the streets got wet in the night from heavy, heavy dew?

I wonder what just fell in the garage, and what caused it to fall?

I wonder what made me ask James this morning at breakfast---can I credit the Lord for putting questions in my head??

We installed the gold/orange lights on the front of the house last night. Who knew that Christmas lights both made in China but in different packaging have different shades of gold/yellow? Now you know. Exterior decorating with lights is a tricky business. But, cheap!

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Anonymous said...

I love visiting your blog and seeing your support of Israel!