Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, Our coldest---23 degrees (chill factor of 14)

And the radio weather reports icy rain west and south. Bob wore his ski cap Andy gave him, and a glove. We have a bunch of left gloves.

Wasn't that an amazing story yesterday afternoon--Miracle on the Hudson River. Wow. I can't imagine how cold that water was. The pilot had some glider experience. Geese knocked out both engines?? A goose can weigh 20 pounds, can't it? I think jet engines can handle a small bird or chicken, but a goose is another story.

I heard the story about the plane coming down on the Hudson River in New York City while I was driving away from the doctor's office about 4pm. My appointment was for 2:15pm, and I got there early enough to fill out paperwork. I bet I signed my name a dozen times---privacy laws, payment policies, and I noted that the front office folks don't care what your ailment is. They just want copies of your insurance card. It is not a good sign when both couches, at both ends of the room are worn out and stuffing showing in the arms. I would think a couch cover would not cost that much. Slipcover, isn't that what they are called?

When it was my turn, the medical assistant could not record my weight, as their scales were too small, and she could not record my blood pressure as her cuff was too small. This was not a good sign, but I had had those things recorded at the two previous appointments, so I was not worried. The urine sample was me making another mess. And they have this cutsy little door just big enough for you cup, but you get the fun of writing your name on it with the used up permanent marker yourself.

And I should know better by now, but the same instructions of take off your pants and perch here on this high table sitting on this pad, and cover yourself with half of a tablecloth...I should have used my own common sense and sat in the corner chair until the doctor came in. Good grief. One cannot knit perched up there, and the art on the wall was so boring, and the sounds of doors, and running water through the walls---the wait seemed way too long. But, when the doctor came in, she did an internal exam, and said I needed a sonogram, and maybe that exam with a fancy light. Lovely. Can't wait. They do sonograms on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I am scheduled for the end of the month. This doctor was none too concerned about whatall vitamins I take, and I guess you have to produce evidence of blood clots and heavy flow before they believe you. Maybe she has seen heavier flows. Sorry I could not produce enough to impress her. Do some ladies save up their pads and clots? I guess I could keep them fresh in ziplock and in the freezer... I should have put a gross out alert on this post. Sorry. Snarky humor. I could have brought my stained sheets, and underware. Someone needs to design a pad that catches what flows up your behind when laying on your back. Pull-ups for those heavy nights. Butt crack pads.

I am sure the pap smear and other tests will rule out cancer. They drew two more vials of blood for hormone checks. And I left for the grocery store for more lettuce and apples.

Ben agreed to go to supper with his old folks, and we let him choose. Ben loves fish. Fishrock. It was good---but Bob said, too heavy for supper. I should have insisted he order something lighter, I guess. I did not make him choose the hubcap full moon platter. My pecan incrusted trout was good. And they serve it on a sizzling cast iron pan, so by the time you get to the broccolli, it has cooked a little more right before your eyes, which I was glad, as it looked like it needed a few more minutes.

We came home and watched the President's last speech on C-span. Sorry, but that speech writer gets a D minus in my book. Too flowery, too waste of words which our dear President cannot wrap his mouth around. I sure wish he had found a plain speaking speech writer that understood his way of speaking. I believe in working with what your are given. Why give him words to trip over? Why not just say, thank you and goodbye, and it has been an honor and privilege to serve as your president. Why is that so hard? All the radio folks were startled by the applause---they did not see the speech, nor realize it was done to a special crowd, as they talk about it this morning.

Geese, birds take down one airplane, so now the news folks are obsessing about birds. Yikes.

Time to take my vitamins, or I am gonna need a nap. And that sweatshirt should do the trick to take off the chill, now that I am cooled down sufficiently from my hot bath. And I need to change my pants already---I just bled through a pad, underpants, pants and two layers of towel. Once a day gusher. I just wish it was on a more faithful schedule like the real Old Faithful. There is no warning. No cramps. And since my bath, I have just been sitting. 7:40am more later

later---tired. going to bed at 8pm I did get my haircut, and folded clothes while watching Brietbart TV online. And we played Scrabble after supper. I used some big words I learned, like MORAINES: the debris glaciers collect, seen from space.

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Bob said...

I wore my glove and moon-walked to the train. (Well, I wore my glove anyway.)