Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Ice Storm Cometh

So, posting may be light for a while. It does not take much ice on branches to bring down power lines. Poor Oklahoma---looks like ice and sleet cover almost the whole state.

James tried going to Fort Sill yesterday to look for housing, but the icy roads prompted the housing folks to encourage James to come back Thursday when the weather is suppose to be better. And if James finds and apartment, the weekend is looking good for moving stuff. We could rent a U-haul and make it all in one trip, or stuff things in vehicles and make a day of it. Bob teaches Sunday School, but maybe Saturday or Monday we could help get him settled. He found out that there is no available housing on post. A lot of the apartments, according to the pamphlet have studios and one bedrooms listed, but we need to call a few and see whatall is available.

Yesterday was also Bob's birthday. He likes apple pie, so I etched "Happy Birthday" onto a Mrs. Smith's pie and baked it just before he came home. He prefers apple pie to cake. And I think he would have been just as happy with a candle stuck in an ice cream sandwich. We are keeping Braums in business buying their ice cream sandwiches.

We played Scrabble. Bob won. And we watched a few more Mars Hill Church sermons online.

From my trip to Walmart to procure more victuals, I also gathered things to complete the box to our missionary relatives and mailed it. And I sent a book to Abby that I found at Cracker Barrel on our trip. I hope Abby sees the resemblance between the characters in the book to herself. And maybe there is enough John Deere green in the book to keep Andy's interest.

Radio weathermen say our ice event will be from 6pm to 3am. And a rapid warm up by 11am tomorrow. Nothing compared to what Oklahoma is experiencing.

Half inch icicles on the birdfeeder drip every once in a while. Half inch of ice predicted after midnight. But, maybe the evening commute will be doable for the Dad.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

I was looking forward to your post on the weather! You didn't let me down. Now, where can I get some apple pie?

Crossing guard duty ought to be really cold this afternoon. As of now, our school district is staying consistent - they never let our kids out of school. I wonder if that will be true tomorrow too. Hmmmmmm........

joyce said...

Hey Jamie! Come and get it---half the pie is left.

Ice means the danger of falling---and falling means broken bones. Yikes.

Are you ever tempted to whack distracted drivers with your sign?

JAMIE'S CREW said...

I would hate a broken bone of any type. And yes, I would love to hit SOME of the drivers with my sign. It is nice and metallic too. LOL.

joyce said...

and I hope it is a plastic whistle today, 'cause a metal one might stick to your lips!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

That made me laugh Joyce. My whistle has a black rubber piece to protect my sensitive lips! ha ha!

About to start getting layered up now for my afternoon adventure.