Monday, January 12, 2009

The Last Presidential Press Conference

If you did not see it, go to c-span and watch it in full. It is good. Good to see his expressions, relaxed manner, passion, and attitudes. Wow. Did we really need Anne Compton snarking about the last two rows being empty?? Would someone check those facts, please?

He kept us safe. And reporters are contempt ridden.

An Open Letter to President Bush:

Welcome back to Texas. Thank you for keeping us safe these last eight years. Thank you for taking care of the troops. There are some soldiers in Afghanistan that still have not received their winter gear---so if you wouldn't mind sending Air Force One on one final mission, I would really appreciate it.

On immigration, I am trying to keep an open mind. Yes, I agree, compassion is in order. These folks are going to a lot of trouble to get here to work, and yet, why don't you visit the critical places---the hospitals, the border, the places straining resources to do their jobs. We need secure borders, and we need law enforced, and then we can be compassionate. If you think our great country can assimilate all the illegals, then say so.

I hope you enjoy your new life. I pray for your protections---from the deranged, and the sick, and the insane. I pray for your protection from the revenge seeking democrats that need a scape goat. I pray you enjoy your retirement, and future grandchildren, and do the hard job of saying goodbye when its your parents time to go to heaven home. Write your book. Defend your Presidency. You have time now. Get your voice out there and look for God's new mission for your life.

Over fifty-five million of us did not vote for Obama. Over fifty-five million of us held our nose and voted for McCain, and I was thrilled to vote for Palin. So, please do not let the loud, crass, rude deranged critics get to you. You answer to God, and when your race is done, I am sure you will hear, "Well done". May God Bless you with a long, long and productive life.

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JAMIE'S CREW said...

Great post! It was nice to point how how many of us voted Republican.