Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time for Bed

Beautiful day today. The clouds parted, the skies cleared, and I ventured out to Walmart and restocked the toilet paper cupboards. And I found some more amber colored Christmas bulbs. 75 percent off. Then back home and out to lunch with my friend one street over and her cute grandson and thankfully, I-30 was backed up headed east, so we had plenty of semi-trucks to talk about. My friend's grandson loves trucks. I wish I could translate or illiterate exactly how he pronounces "ambulance". Too funny. And the U-haul trucks are shaped like ambulances to him. And we passed a U-haul farm. After fortifying ourselves with Chick-fill-you-up, we watched her grandson compete with the other two and three year old verbal girls in the play area. Baby girls out talk little boys. But, it is important how a little guy lines up his shoes and hangs like a monkey from the supports.

The beautiful day turned cool when the wind whipped around from the west. Whoa.

And when I walked around the block in coat and scarf I was amazed how many pine trees lost branches in our small ice storm. Man, pine trees must be super weak. Huge branches lay in yards in against houses and fences, and in places where I did not realize there was a pine tree. It is a wonder we did not lose power. Made me remember that trip home from a Bowl Game when firstborn was a freshman in the Aggie Band, and six inches of wet snow fell during the game, and we watched exploding pine trees on the trip home from Shreveport. They broke with huge sounds like shotguns and cannons. And during the half-time show, a tuba top flew off, and an official was chasing the tight formation around the field. No way was the tuba carrier going to break ranks.

Night. Night.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

So, what is your favorite toilet paper? I am always seeking the most paper [translation looking for rolls that last a long time)for the least money. But, I draw the line at Scott tissue. Too rough for tender young....well you get my drift.

I frequent Wal-Mart as a rule.

That wind this afternoon and especially about 5:15 was really harsh. Our ducks, formerly named Cheeze and Qwackers - now dubbed "The Fat Brothers" were in rare form quacking for the daily bread chunks.

joyce said...

Cottonelle. Bob is sensitive to lotions and additions, so they have a plain variety. I like all the lotions and aloe and vitamin E they can pack in there. Not to gross you out, but I keep wet wipes on the back of the toilet---ever since diaper changing days. The pampers for sensitive skin is great for clean ups. And I carry a purse pack in my purse for sticky foods, for example, dipping my Chick-fill-you up chicken in honey.

I like pretty paper towels, and loved the Mary Engelbriet ones, but can't find them anymore. And I really like pretty boxes of puffs plus for the lotion, but I wish they would use more artists on their boxes or good photographs since the box sits out on the table and we look at it for weeks. This empty nest stuff---its fun to put something down and it does not walk away!