Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday, the Second of January in the Year of our Lord 2009

I am so spoiled. My son, James helps me download pictures from his digital camera and shows me how to post them on facebook. I tried emailing the pictures to my sister, but they kept bouncing back. Now she can see them on one of her son's facebook pages if she does not have one. There is facebook, and myspace, and twitter---oh, my. Funny, how I know more about twitter than James because I have heard the folks at Breitbart talk about it.

I drove the Toyota today. I found the windshield wipers and everything. I had not driven in weeks because Bob has been home on vacation. I ran errands. Found more bulbs for the lights out front, and at such a deal. 75 percent off at both Home Depot and Walmart. So, just one dollar and fifty cents for a box of 25 Christmas light bulbs and they come attached to this handy cord. I was wanting one color to install one solid color of light to wash the back wall of the front of the house. The boxes only came in assorted, so I bought five boxes. Since 24 is easier to divide, there are four colors per box, and so six greens, (for St. Patrick's Day) six reds for Valentine's Day, six blue and six orange/amber colored times five boxes means I have 30 bulbs for our house washing with color experiment. Maybe I should have gotten one more box. Ha. But, I think we have enough from what is on the house already. It is tempting to get enough to go all around the house, however.

As you have probably noticed, Walmart took down the Christmas candy and put up the Valentine candy the day after Christmas. Wow. Just think, that chocolate heart you give your lover on Valentine's Day is gonna be at least two months old.

And my Tastefully Simple order arrived today. Yippeee! The Chai tea is interesting. Spicy tea with milk. And my hand must have slipped when I ordered the strawberry rhubarb jam. Instead of the number 1, I received eleven. So, I went back to my email, and checked my online order, and sure enough, it is my mistake. There sits "11" instead of just one. Silly me. I now have gifts for my neighbor, and folks at church that gave us something, and whoever else wants some strawberry rubarb jam. What a hoot. I am not a very good item by item checker, but I have learned my lesson. The almost dozen jars of jam came in a huge box with cardboard dividers and bubble wrap. Bob will laugh at me. Oh, well. Maybe he has a friend who needs a jar of jam. I will need to eyeball the orders more carefully in the future. Jam anyone?? Maybe it tastes good in coffee cake? Instead of a swirl of blueberry jam---I will just use strawberry rubarb...this year. A year supply of jam. Too funny.

And I remembered to mail the water bill. I have been carrying it around with me for days. It is supposidly too dangerous to mail stuff from our home mail boxes, so we trot them over to the post office. But, I need a clear purse with slots for mail that I can see and then remember to mail. A slot for the want list. And a slot for pictures, and a slot for mail. I'd be able to spot that phone ringing in my purse if it was clear. Ha.

What gorgeous, almost too hot weather. Amazing. January?? Feels like spring.

Our nephews came to town to attend the Cotton Bowl. What a perfect day for the game. I can now say I know people who have attended the Cotton Bowl. I have lived in the area for almost 30 years and had no desire to go to a game, nor have I ever known of anyone who attended a game. But, now I have. My nephews attend one of the colleges playing. Old Miss. Strange name for a college. But, what do I know? Both teams had the same red color, too. Texas Tech, the one in Lubbock, is the other team playing.

Something in the air is making me sneeze. Pollen must be high today.

James is sorting through his stuff---deciding what to take back to Missouri for the twenty days left in the course, and what to leave here to take on to Fort Sill in February. He needs more shelving. We have been discussing his new tea kettle, and coffee press and coffee grinder. We just wipe our coffee grinder out, but his new one can go in the dishwasher, but I was saying he'd have to leave it out to completely dry between uses. His coffee grinder even has lights! What will they think of next. And he can set it for the different grinds---coarse, etc. We try to keep our coffee pot extra clean, and the mugs, and filter basket. But, not our grinder. Sometimes I grind oats in it, or pecans, but I just wipe it clean.

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Bob said...

Dear, don't worry about getting out of the knack of driving. Trust me, you haven't forgotten how to drive -- you've been giving me such excellent pointers.

You know I'd never tease you for making a mistake on an order (though I must say: rhubarb jam out the wazoo is heaps funnier than a single jar of strawberry preserves).