Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sun is going down on this Saturday

Like a pair of old fogies, we both fell asleep in our chairs after a late lunch. I remember my grandparents all needing naps after lunch, and now we do, too! How funny. Sallycat interrupted our repose by leaping on top of me. And when I did not let her knead me and claw my chest, she jumped onto Bob and woke him up, too.

I got a letter from Dr. George today reporting that my blood tests reveal normal range hormone levels and thyroid. That's a relief. I guess the constant flow is just all in my head. Maybe my body has put me on the perpetual menstruation diet. hemorrhage. Can you spell hemorrhage? Just hemorrhage those extra calories away. See Spot and Stain diet.

Time to do the daily load of laundry. Clorox is my friend. It makes white towels white again. And kills germs in non-white loads. Just a little tablespoon drop. And a spot of Dawn removeth a spot of blood in those knit slacks.

Listening to Mars Hill sermons from Revelation. Neat stuff online.

And Bob noticed my haircut! He did so with much trepidation because he knew I had not had it cut today, so, was it yesterday?? or one day last week, and he just did not notice? James usually noticed right away, but with James still in Missouri, poor Bob knew he was in trouble if he was just now noticing. But, on the other hand, if my haircut is so severe that Bob notices, I guess she whacked off a lot from the back, so I will get comments at church tomorrow. I asked her to leave more on top as it curls. So, my "wedge" gives me that triangular head look.

Bob has his Sunday School lesson all ready, and printed out, too.

And I am so glad that the Scrabble bug has bitten our dear friends in Atlanta. Time for us to play a game.

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Bob said...

Honest -- it's a compliment that you have you hair done so well that even your attentive loving husband doesn't notice the change. (You buying this?)