Friday, January 9, 2009

Maybe I am my own worst enemy...

Gushing again. Big blood clots again. And then I remembered that when I ran out of some vitamins I get from the chiropractor, I had let it go for a few months. I just get tired of taking so many vitamins. But, then when I started having female problems, I remembered I was out of the B vitamins, and two others that I had finished the capsules, and not restocked. So, when I was at the chiropractor the other day, I got the DHEA and he also recommended Pregnenolone capsules to "even out my hormones" and hopefully help with the heavy bleeding. When I googled these products today, they have quite a few articles on the side effects of these products. So, maybe if I set these aside for a while, and just stick with iron in the multi-vitamin, things should calm down and I will take everything with me to see Dr. B on Thursday and see what she says. Until then, I am sitting on towels again. (and more gushing on Saturday morning. NO warning. Huge blood clots, and I am wondering if this is going to be an every morning event?!)

Kitties are patrolling the back yard this morning. They are so entertaining to watch.

And today is moving day for Bob. He gets a real live office with windows and a door and walls. No more cubicle hell. Bob needs the quieter place to write computer code. And its almost time to run ad valorum tax again---something he does each year, because the power company has to pay tax on each pole, each piece of equipment, and to each tax county. Bob's program used to take a dozen computers running for a week. Now, computers do the work in minutes---but making sure they are reading the correct files, and tweaking the program eats his time this part of the year. Consumers don't always know that they are paying these taxes because the cost gets passed on to them in our electric bills. If only our government would stop taxing business---we would all start living cheaper.

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