Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not just Fog, but Freezing Fog !!!

The freezing fog left a thick layer on the windshields. Bob had to scrape his windows before he could drive to the train station.

Soon as the sun comes up and burns off the fog, I am headed to Walmart to buy more supplies. We are out of vitamin C tabs. James has been taking them to kick his cold early. I have trained him well. This fog extends all the way into Oklahoma, so no hurry getting on the road. Hopefully, James will find an apartment today near Fort Sill. And start the moving process.

But, first thing, as soon as I can safely drive, I am going to go see if Uli came back home. The phone number she usually calls me from is not working, so I will go by and hopefully talk to her or her sister. I have a flier ready to go if not. But, let us think positively. There are still icy patches on north shady places... but, let us think positively. I woke up before 4am. Couldn't think. And it dawned on me that Uli's last message was probably still on our call notes---and sure enough. Jan. 19th at 12:19pm she left a message and I had saved it. Where are you Uli?

Poking around on the police website I found a page for tracing stuff, but what about missing persons. Don't we have a page for that? If Uli has come back home to her sister, then I will email our pastor to get out that good news. And call the APS lady back. I have notes to myself scattered all over the desk. Poor people's phones get disconnected, and this whacky weather has made it difficult for me to get down our steep driveway. But, I have the van parked where it will get sun, and that should melt the ice soon. Why did it take until today to think about making a flier? Why am I so slow? Are the privacy laws interfering with finding people and then getting out the news when they are found?

I am so thankful for my husband. He is much more objective when it comes to emails and bouncing ideas off of him last night and this morning has helped as we wait for news about Uli. Some emails make me shake my head in wonderment. I turn those over to Bob because he has a cooler head and wonderful way with words. And I do not trust myself these days emotionally. We have been given this test for some reason. Maybe it is just a dry run for another test up the road. I have been so thankful for COP training which helps me be calm on the phone to police officers and APS personnel. And while we do not patrol much, the training gives us eyes and ears for whenever we are driving around---to church, to the store, and to know when to call stuff in.

A time of change---James moving, Ben at photovotaic training this week in Waco, and phone calls to firstborn, Andy up in Ohio with his family. They were suppose to get nine inches of snow yesterday, and their base was shut down. So, the grandchild was getting an extra day with parents home, and the grandchild was running around the house in boots. I hope they took pictures. Grannie cannot get enough pictures. It brings back memories of firstborn when he was two and had brand new snow boots that my Nannie sent him. The boots had this cool sock thingy that fit on the foot first, then the sock slipped easily into the boots. I think we have a picture of James wearing them years later, too, with a blankie wrapped around his neck playing in the snow.

Hey, Mother, are you reading this?? I wish Bob's brother and his wife would read it because their email asking how things are going last night---I did not know where to start. Maybe I use too many words. Who has the time to plow through all this? Ha.

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I have time to plow through your blog posts.