Thursday, January 15, 2009

But, what happened on Wednesday (yesterday)?

Whoops. I hit the enter button, which made this post appear all published without a story. Let me try again. Yesterday, Bob had meetings in downtown Fort Worth instead of his usual trek to downtown Dallas. So, he said he'd be coming home for lunch. He also had a trip to make to the eyeglasses place for receipts for our insurance paperwork from 2008, and the maddening trip to the tower in downtown Arlington to redo paying a ticket for his little bump in December. I did not know this, but when you are involved in bumper cars on the freeway, and the police are called to investigate, and things back up for miles, you are issued or mailed a ticket for the honor of getting rear-ended, and bumping the car ahead of you. Who knew? Bob's ticket came in the mail with no indication as to how much was owed. That mystery number was to be obtained online. Which Bob tried to do. Then he sent in a check for what he thought was payment due, and got another letter from the city saying they wanted more, but again, exactly how much was a mystery. Bob asked the policeman/clerk at the tower downtown Arlington, and found out that about the only way to figure the amount was to appear in person. I guess they make it up as they go along. I hate to think that injured, wheelchair bound or recovering and still bandaged folks have to trip into the seven story tower to inquire what the cost of the day for tickets is. Maybe they want to eyeball folks, and see how much you might be able to fork over. I don't know. Just guessing.

So, Bob came home for lunch, (peanut butter and jelly--just like President Bush!)and then back down to Fort Worth for another 1:30pm meeting. He has been crafting an emergency contingency plan, so he meets monthly with folks as they move from the computer code stage to the gathering stats in the survey stage. It made me smile to think that those that don't bother to reply to whatall they'd need in a disaster just confirmed that their job is not that necessary. They may find out the hard way if there is a flood, fire, or storm.

I fixed supper after Bob got home, and we trotted off to Wednesday night Bible Study. It was a small crowd. A few prayer concerns, with different ones out for surgery, one dear saint in the hospital, and one suffering the loss of his mother. Our Pastor is teaching about the book of Acts on Sunday, so the Wednesday night Luke study is sort of a parallel, both being written by Luke. I usually get a dishrag knitted during the Wednesday night class. So, I finished the yellow one started at church, and the weathered rose colored one I had started earlier in the day reading stuff online.

Brietbart TV online was hard to pull up yesterday, and it had been freezing/jerking on Tuesday, so I rebooted. Still no luck. So, Bob walked me through re-installing Foxfire. But, when I re-installed RayV, to watch Brietbart's show from earlier, firefox would not come up again. So, I had to re-install foxfire again, as that is where my favorite sites are bookmarked. Internet explorer still works, and so I had purused a few bookmarks that I had not transferred. It was like visiting old friends. Getting caught up on their doings.

We listened to another Bible lesson from Mars Hill church in Seattle online while playing Scrabble. And Bob beat me by a few points. He pointed out that we were neck and neck for a while. I had turned off the furnace yesterday when I had the windows open for a few hours, and so when the house felt cold during a potty visit at 4am, I remember to turn the furnace back on. It had dipped to 65 degrees inside. The weather radio report says we are experiencing a windchill of seventeen this morning. (Thursday, Jan. 15) And it is clear and beautiful outside. Cats patrol the backyard. They don't seem bothered by the cold. And the birdfeeder is empty. I have seed to replenish---should have done that yesterday afternoon.

Doctor's visit today---gynocologist. Can't wait to get some questions answered.

Mark Davis on WBAP is revisiting his visit to the Oval office yesterday. It was fun to hear Rush's luncheon there on Tuesday.

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