Saturday, January 9, 2010

59 hours of below freezing temps!

We survived the big freeze! The weatherman said we went 59 hours of temps below freezing. It is below freezing again tonight, but during the day, I put a themometer on the back brick wall that gets full sun and it said one-hundred degrees! So, thanks to the sun, our back wall of brick heats up nicely in the winter.

Gave Bob his haircut inside, however. And cooked more using the oven broiler. The sound and/or smoke drives our Sallycat bananas. She starts howling, and wants outside. The broiler has a fan motor. And the smoke alarm did not go off, but you could see the smoke in the sunbeams.

Bob beat me at Scrabble. And we watched the Cowboy football game tonight. They beat the Eagles by a lot. Third time they played them this year.

Tomorrow, the 10th, our granddaughter turns THREE ! And Amber is coming over as James is in the field training. And when I talked to Ben on the phone on Friday, he was busy moving to his new apartment on I-20 and 287.

We are gonna be yawning in church tomorrow if we do not go to bed.

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