Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time to Badmouth Avatar

Jim Sullivan puts it the best. And NO I am not gonna go see the movie. Why can't people admit that purty plus propaganda is straight from Hell??

"oh, but it is just fun" or "oh, it is just entertaining" translates into telling me they'd go watch Lucifer himself as they'd find him more entertaining than Jesus walking on water. Good grief, people. Wake up. Why are you VOTING with your DOLLARS for a creep just because he can make a pretty movie with a horrid agenda??

I love a good writer. I love a guy or gal who have a way with words. Lets read Revelation folks. The end is not pretty for the deluded.

Symbiotic? Come on. Enviromentalists wackos are worshipping nature. Get a grip.

And on a similar note: Have you read the story behind the Danish comic illustrator who had to escape to his own SAFE room and then alert police that an ax welding assassin was IN his house??

There is a war going on here. The terrorists are islamic radicals. There is NO such thing as a moderate. Unless we all wake up and start profiling and using good eye contact like the Israelis, we are all gonna need safe rooms. And hope your phone connection works to the police department from that safe room. Unless you wanna go native, and use bow and arrows again like the Indians and Avatar smurfs. to be fair and balanced---here is a movie reviewer who sees it differently.

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